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Businesses everywhere are realizing an increase of up to 500% on traditional mobile opt-in rates using’s new TextEngage Loyalty Kiosk

Los Angeles, CA - May 21st, 2013 - Hundreds of businesses across North America are experiencing unparalleled success with TextEngage, a new digital loyalty system that uses text messaging to reward customers and increase sales. TextEngage is a new technology that was developed by iVision Mobile, a leading application provider for mobile marketing and communications. Since the official product launch in January of this year, the TextEngage kiosk has been deployed at over 600 businesses including restaurants, retail establishments, convenience stores, hair salons and more.

TextEngage uses a customer’s mobile number to track check-ins and rewards, all while building an exclusive and valuable opt-in database for the business owner. The TextEngage screen display can be fully customized for any business. Businesses can also activate a unique Auto-Engage feature which can send an automated text message offer to anyone that hasn’t checked-in to the kiosk for awhile.

“The TextEngage kiosk has been instrumental in our success over the past few months” explains Austin Rosen, owner of multiple Yo-Le Frozen Yogurt locations in South Florida. “In a very short period of time, we’ve built a database of over 1,300 loyal opt-in customers who check-in regularly at our locations to earn their rewards,” he adds. In addition to earning rewards, customers can also use TextEngage to instantly LIKE the business on Facebook which helps increase the business’ social presence.

“The TextEngage kiosk has been an absolute game changer for our mobile marketing company,” explains Omer Samiri, CEO of iVision Mobile. “Businesses that would typically generate 50 opted-in contacts a month are now seeing those numbers jump to 300 and even more by using this new digital kiosk,” he continues. The substantial increase in opt-in rates can be attributed to what Samiri calls, “an evolution in the checkout process, whereby consumers have grown accustomed to providing their mobile number for membership rewards at a business such as larger chains like Starbucks, Pavilions, Ralphs, and Staples, to name a few.” For iVision Mobile’s customers, TextEngage has revolutionized the way they use mobile marketing and loyalty rewards for their business and has proven to be an integral piece of their customer retention strategy.

iVision Mobile, a leading application provider for mobile marketing and communications, has launched a ‘Do It Yourself’ Loyalty Kiosk Wizard catering to Restaurants, retail establishments, and other brick and mortar businesses looking to drive repeat business with minimal investment.  iVision Mobile is working with over 100 private label resellers to roll out the customer-facing loyalty kiosk to nearly 5,500 businesses across the United States and Canada who are actively using the mobile marketing software.

iVision Mobile’s Loyalty Kiosk Wizard is part of the comprehensive web-based iMessenger software platform which lets businesses create, execute, and manage interactive mobile campaigns.  The fully integrated mobile marketing platform gives businesses the ability to create and deploy a digital loyalty kiosk and tie it into their existing mobile club, loyalty campaign, and mobile coupon initiatives.

“We are seeing high demand for digital loyalty kiosks which reduce incentive-related fraud and help boost customer frequency and sales,” explains Omer Samiri, CEO of iVision Mobile.  “This new tool is extremely cost-effective for businesses and doesn’t require any expensive hardware to maintain.  Businesses can launch it with any iPad or Android tablet and a free downloadable kiosk app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.”

The Loyalty Kiosk Wizard lets users customize colors, upload background and button graphics, and add text to the top and bottom of each page.  The user can also select which features to incorporate into the kiosk: Mobile Club Opt-in, loyalty program check in, and coupon redemption.  Once a customer has opted in to a mobile club, checked in to their loyalty program, or redeemed a coupon, they will also have the ability to LIKE the business’ Facebook fan page.

“With the new Loyalty Kiosk Wizard, users can track the entire customer transaction lifecycle, from the first visit to coupon distribution, and coupon redemption to future visits,” explains Derek Simms, CTO of iVision Mobile.

Mobile marketers who have been struggling to find the right technology partner now have one less important decision to make. iVision Mobile, a leading mobile marketing company and software provider, has launched a series of new features and a drastic drop in messaging rates that set a new competitive industry standard. By reducing messaging rates by 50% for private label resellers, iVision Mobile is creating new opportunities for its clients to extend this incredibly lower pricing and attract more customers. iVision Mobile’s private label resellers are now able to realize increased profit margins by offering unrivaled mobile marketing software at the best prices.

Having a mobile marketing and communications platform that is packed with the industry’s cutting edge tools and solutions has culminated in iVision Mobile’s status as one of the top mobile software providers in the marketplace. iVision Mobile currently works with over 100 white label SMS resellers and channel partners across the United States and Canada, which has resulted in a surge of new users. “There are thousands of users interacting with our system each day!” remarks Omer Samiri, CEO of iVision Mobile. “It’s an amazing feeling to empower our clients from behind the scenes and enable them to leverage this cutting-edge platform for their customers. We have over 5,000 active users on our network who execute mobile campaigns on over 40 short codes to nearly 6 million opted in subscribers.”

In addition to newly discounted messaging rates, which start at $0.02/message, several new tools have made it easier for iVision Mobile’s private label resellers to compete in the marketplace. A new mobile couponing system lets users instantly create and track their mobile campaigns and also calculates redemption rates. Also new is iVision Mobile’s Message Inbox 2.0, which displays both inbound SMS and MMS messages. Third, the addition of a fully integrated billing system creates a turnkey solution for resellers by enabling their clients to purchase message and keyword credits directly through the platform. And fourth, a new knowledge base and tutorial section provides screenshots and easy to follow instructions to users. “We hope that developing these new tools for our current and prospective private label resellers – who serve both small businesses and national brands with $50+ million in annual revenues – will further increase the potential that mobile marketing promises,” said iVision Mobile CTO Derek Simms.

Los Angeles, CA (Feb 28, 2012) -  iVision Mobile, a leading mobile marketing software platform, announced the launch of its new Integrated Billing feature as a part of its Private Label Reseller License.  Integrated Billing will enable resellers’ clients to instantly purchase, upgrade or renew product/service packages within the resellers’ branded mobile marketing software in real-time.

iVision Mobile’s new billing feature makes the mobile marketing software a more robust and scalable solution by eliminating the need for manual payment transactions. The result is a customizable, hands-off billing process that saves resellers’ time and staff resources from manually coordinating their clients’ new product purchases, upgrades to service packages, and renewing their accounts instantly, in real-time, and on a monthly basis.

“Our team has focused several months on developing this feature because the ability to launch services quickly is incredibly important to us and our customers,” says iVision Mobile CEO Omer Samiri. “We can now better serve our private label resellers by enhancing their ability to seamlessly and instantly add to or make changes to clients’ existing mobile marketing service packages, which we expect will result in increased profitability for them.”

Similar to a built-in online shopping cart, the Private Label Reseller License will now enable resellers to easily set up their own graduated pricing packages, which will be readily available within their respective portals for purchase, upgrade or renewal by their clients at anytime.  Previously, the system was not enabled with credit card processing, so resellers manually charged their clients for upgrades, to apply “credits” into the respective end users’ accounts.  The new integrated system will eliminate the need for this, by linking the resellers’ accounts directly to each of their clients’ white-labeled mobile marketing accounts.

Another notable enhancement to the iVision Mobile platform is the integration of QR codes (quick-response), which are auto-generated simultaneously to correspond with and complement each campaign keyword or mobile website link.  QR codes engage customers by offering an interactive call to action on print ads, direct marketing, mass transit, and outdoor advertising.  These QR codes offer businesses the ability to track audience response metrics to specific campaigns, and engage in a two-way communication, which is facilitated by iVision Mobile’s robust mobile marketing and communications platform.

Clients may now manage everything through the iVision Mobile system, making it a more complete solution – text message campaign planning, lead management, and now, the ability to auto-generate campaign-specific QR codes and a streamlined purchase process that enables resellers’ clients to instantly select a new package that meets their needs, and pay for it in real-time.

Los Angeles, CA (Jan 26, 2012) - iVision Mobile, a leading mobile marketing and sms white label provider, announced today the addition of Inbound MMS (multimedia messaging service) capabilities within its platform. The new feature enables audiences to send rich media – pictures, video, text pages, and audio files – to a short code associated with a call-to-action, or clients’ real-time campaigns, which can generate a significant return on investment and build a valuable opt-in database.

“We are very excited about delivering this new technology to our customers because it’s an additional vehicle to measure impressions from offline, print, outdoor / mass transit marketing and advertising initiatives,” says iVision Mobile CEO Omer Samiri. “There are many unique ways in which Inbound MMS may be implemented to achieve business objectives, making it a valuable new component of our platform.”

Customers may leverage this new capability of collecting user-generated content via Inbound MMS in a variety of ways, such as pics-to-screen, which can auto-route multimedia messages to appear on a digital billboard at an event. Audiences may also enter contests with user-generated multimedia content, such as a picture of a print ad.

When audiences send MMS messages (in lieu of SMS) to a short code from their respective mobile devices, they come into the iVision Mobile mms gateway and can then be forwarded to an email address, an HTTP/FTP server, and/or a media library. The media library can be made public, in various formats as designed by clients’ creative teams, thereby creating an instant MMS web-gallery. Examples of this include publishers such as the popular, an aggregator of celebrity photos, to facilitate easy and real-time, instant collection of photos and video; Police or news media may also receive instant and anonymous news tips by photo or video.

iVision Mobile's expands network of successful white label SMS marketing companies across the United States and Canada. 

CHATSWORTH, CA, October 11, 2011 - iVision Mobile, a leading provider for mobile marketing, announced today that the company surpassed 350% year over year growth in new private label clients, adding to iVision Mobile's expanding network of successful white label SMS marketing companies across the United States and Canada. In the 8 years since its founding, Los Angeles-based iVision Mobile has deployed mobile marketing campaigns for users including the Miami Heat, Kabbalah Centre, Coke Zero, Comcast and DirecTV. iVision Mobile has nearly 4,000 active users, up from 800 at the end of 2010. This explosive growth in users has led to a 300% jump in message delivery since January 2011 with over 2.5 million messages delivered each month to opt-in subscribers.

"As a founder, this accomplishment makes me very proud," said iVision Mobile CEO Omer Samiri. "We've been in the mobile industry for a long time and are very passionate about the technology that we develop." Unlike many mobile marketing providers that outsource their software development, iVision Mobile builds their technology in-house. "We have knowledgeable engineers that work feverishly to deploy the next generation of mobile marketing tools on our SMS gateway." added CTO and Co-Founder Derek Simms.

Several new tools are part of iVision Mobile's software. A website signup form wizard lets users create fully customizable opt-in forms for integrating with their websites and Facebook Fan Pages. iVision has also launched a text to screen wizard that lets users create real-time voting displays, inbound message scrolling, and multiple message text walls. While iVision already supports outbound MMS, the company is currently putting the final touches on an inbound MMS solution that lets subscribers send MMS content to the iVision platform.

"Text messaging is valuable because it lets you get a message out to someone quickly and get their response instantly," explains Omer Samiri. "Whether you are a big brand, doctor's office, or small business, its all the same. Communicating with people using text messaging is fast and effective."

Professional Sporting Events And Concert Promoters Push Mobile Marketing To New Levels With's Real Time Text To Screen At Live Events.

Los Angeles, CA - March 23rd, 2011 - The leading sports franchises and concert promoters in the US and Canada have a powerful new tool in their arsenal of mobile marketing solutions. iVision Mobile (, a leading mobile marketing provider to the US and Canada’s top brands and mobile marketing companies, has recently launched a real-time Text to Screen widget. iVision Mobile’s software enables teams including the Miami HEAT, Indiana Pacers, Milwaukee Bucks, Houston Rockets, and Club Deportivo Chivas USA Soccer, to engage fans with real-time campaigns that generate significant return on investment and build a valuable opt-in database.

The new widget lets users create voting/polling, trivia/surveys, inbound message scrolling, and multiple message text wall campaigns in minutes. A text to screen project features multiple data layers made up of images, static/dynamic text, animated horizontal bars and can include live video feeds. Projects are then exported to an internet-enabled PC or Mac computer that is plugged directly into the visual feed at a live event. Multiple data groups can be created to switch between promotions in real time during an event. Management of the text to screen and moderating of inbound messages is done using iVision Mobile’s iMessenger software.

Although brands are now starting to embrace text to screen at live events, iVision Mobile’s clients have been very successful with the technology since 2007. During the ’07-’08 NBA season, the Seattle SuperSonics generated upwards of $19,000 in additional revenue through ticket sales and in-store merchandise purchases off of text to screen campaigns at home games. In July of 2010, the Super Estrella Reventon concert at Staples Center in Los Angeles generated thousands of unique opt-ins with an iPhone giveaway that let fans send messages to the video screens. By engaging fans with an incentivized offer and incorporating a mobile coupon for merchandise purchases, the brands were able to increase fan participation and brand awareness while driving sales.

“We really enjoy developing new mobile marketing solutions” said Omer Samiri, Founder and CEO of iVision Mobile. “This text to screen widget will help venues and teams save thousands of dollars on their text to screen campaigns. Text to screen can generate thousands of opt-ins in a very short time frame and is great for driving merchandise sales. I am hopeful that this new technology enables more companies to utilize text to screen at their venues and events.” Launches New Bulk Text Message Pricing enabling customers to realize up to 500% cost savings on high volume Mobile Marketing Campaigns.

December 9th, 2010- iVision Mobile, Inc. an industry leader in mobile marketing and communications software announced today that the company is offering new high volume SMS messaging plans on their short code 55678. Starting November 1st, iVision Mobile will offer per message pricing as low as $.008 (fraction of a penny).  For lower volume customers, the pricing will start at 2 cents per message for as little as $300 per month.

“This kind of pricing allows brands that are sending out large Bulk SMS messaging volume of messages each month to realize significant cost savings on their mobile initiatives.” says Omer Samiri, CEO of iVision Mobile, Inc.  “This represents a perfect opportunity for companies looking to enter the mobile space during the peak holiday shopping season,” he adds.

For most brands, mobile marketing represents only a small fraction of their total marketing budget and delivers a significant return on investment. While mobile initiatives typically cost less to execute than a traditional marketing campaign, costs can increase with higher messaging volumes.  “By pairing this new low pricing with iMessenger, our easy to use SMS platform, customers will now have a cost effective and extremely powerful mobile marketing solution at their fingertips,” explains Derek Simms, CTO of iVision Mobile, Inc.

The iMessenger text messaging software is one of the most feature-rich and flexible platforms in the marketplace and caters to a wide range of industries that leverage the mobile device as an effective marketing and communications channel.  iVision Mobile has recently enhanced the iMessenger software platform with an easy to navigate mobile webpage builder that lets brands create custom mobile websites.  iVision Mobile is also unveiling a text to screen wizard that lets users create real-time text to screen displays in minutes.  Text to Screen displays can then be instantly launched and executed for use at live events.

LOS ANGELES, March 25 /PRNewswire/ -- iVision Mobile, a mobile marketing and text messaging software provider, announced today that the company experienced its most profitable year ever with a 240% increase in year over year revenue. The company has also developed and launched new products for enabling more efficient mobile communications, including a Free To End User (FTEU) messaging technology called Drop&Go. This achievement is a testament to the company's commitment to building strong client relationships, dedication to enhancing existing software, and emphasis on developing new technologies for mobile marketing and communications.

2009 highlights include:

  • 240% increase in year over year revenue
  • Addition of 10 regional sales representatives across the United States
  • 497% increase in users with over 740 new registered users acquired in 2009
  • 541% increase in year over year messaging volume
  • Opened new office in Los Angeles
  • CEO recognized as a nominee in the San Fernando Valley Business Journal's Top 40 Under 40
  • Acquisition of key clients and strategic partnerships

"We've experienced exceptional success with mobile marketing and communications for our clients in 2009," stated Omer Samiri, CEO of iVision Mobile. "Despite a slowing economy where most businesses experience stagnant or negative growth, iVision Mobile's innovative, leading technologies have empowered scalability for both our customers and ourselves."

iVision Mobile launched two new technologies that will allow companies to more effectively communicate with their customers using text messaging. The Text Reminder System (iTRS) is a one on one, web-based messaging workstation that has the look and feel of an instant messaging system and allows users to schedule appointments and multiple appointment reminders. The iTRS system features a real-time inbox, email notification, and the ability to create multiple message and reminder templates. "The Text Reminder System is perfect for any business that schedules appointments and needs to communicate with customers on a personal level," explains Derek Simms, CTO of iVision Mobile. "Plus, it reduces costs and increases efficiency in the workplace," he added.'

iVision Mobile has also launched its proprietary Drop&Go sms messaging system, an enterprise solution that will primarily be used for delivering FTEU campaigns on behalf of customers in the healthcare and finance industries. Drop&Go allows enterprise clients to deliver pre-formatted data files to iVision Mobile's servers. Drop&Go completes the process by performing carrier lookups on each mobile number, compiling a personalized outbound message, delivering the messages at a specified date and time, and sending reports back to the client. The Drop&Go system is completely turn-key and requires no interaction from the client once the file is sent.

LOS ANGELES, March 21, 2010 -- iVision Mobile, a leading mobile marketing company, and Textopoly, Inc., a bleeding-edge mobile & social engagement agency specializing in all things interactive, today announced a strategic partnership that will offer expert strategy, consultation, and innovative mobile solutions to the extensive network of leading brands and content publishers that comprise Textopoly’s and iVision Mobile’s customer base.

iMessenger, the web-based mobile marketing software developed by iVision Mobile is used by businesses across all industries to create and manage interactive mobile marketing campaigns.  From the world’s top brands to small businesses nationwide, iVision Mobile and Textopoly have delivered millions of messages that have provided their clients with revenue generating mobile initiatives to maximize ROI.

“We believe that iVision Mobile’s platform for creating and managing mobile campaigns is one of the most comprehensive and user friendly software systems in the marketplace,” says Naushad Huda, CEO and Founder of Textopoly.  “This partnership enables us to continue to deliver upon our promise to harness the most valuable mobile applications and deliver a fully integrated solution with best-of-breed technology from iVision Mobile.”

“Textopoly is a terrific partner to help us expand our business and penetrate the marketplace,” said Omer Samiri, CEO and co-founder of iVision Mobile.  “Hundreds of our mutual clients have independently made the decision to use our software and engage their end consumers with interactive mobile communication.  Together, we’ll deliver an enterprise class solution that combines Textopoly’s expert consultative approach with iVision Mobile’s advanced messaging technology.”

Under the terms of the agreement, all iVision Mobile messaging and short codes will be managed by Textopoly.  Additionally, Textopoly will market, resell and service the joint solution to enterprise customers, simplifying their mobile marketing efforts while maintaining the high caliber of service their customers demand.

"The announcement of the strategic partnership between iVision Mobile and Textopoly seems to be a logical move for both parties, capitalizing on each company's area of expertise" said Alykhan Govani, CEO of MX Telecom, the connection aggregator for the two companies. "I'm hopeful that the result of this collaboration will lead to the continued development of innovation and strategic engagement via the mobile channel, benefitting brands and consumers across the board."

LOS ANGELES, Dec. 17 /PRNewswire/ --, a real estate company focusing on San Fernando Valley foreclosures and short sales, announced today that it has started using text messaging software to communicate with prospective home buyers and push new foreclosure listings to their mobile phones. "Home buyers no longer have to search the internet for new foreclosure listings. With our new real-time text message alerts, we'll be able to notify home buyers as soon as new listings hit the market," said John Gallagher, CEO of Gallagher Real Estate Group, the company that manages the website. has partnered with, an innovative leader in text messaging software and mobile marketing company, to implement a comprehensive mobile strategy that focuses on personalized text messaging communications with home buyers. "The Los Angeles real estate market took a big hit this year and it's great to see companies like come up with new and innovative ways to communicate with home buyers and help turn the industry around," says Omer Samiri, CEO of iVision Mobile.

The real estate group uses a combination of mobile marketing tools to engage in more personalized interaction with home buyers on their mobile devices. These tools include an opt-in registration form on the website that allows visitors to opt-in and receive text message alerts with specific city and price range categories. The text message alerts are created and managed through iVision Mobile's iMessenger text messaging software and features personalized messages to buyers with new listing information in real time. staff members also use the iTRS Text Reminder System to notify prospective buyers of upcoming open houses and engage in real-time two way communication with buyers on their cell phones.

Los Angeles, CA – iVision Mobile, Inc. announced today that the company is experiencing a surge of new clients registering for a Reseller License of the patent-pending iMessenger text messaging software platform. “Over the past six months we’ve seen our private label clients double in size as more and more businesses realize the benefits of text messaging for marketing and communications.” said Omer Samiri, CEO of iVision Mobile, Inc. “The iMessenger text messaging software is one of the most user-friendly and flexible platforms in the marketplace and we’ve been catering to a wide range of resellers that leverage the technology as a complimentary product for their clients.”

The Private Label Reseller License is ideal for businesses such as direct marketers, agencies, email marketing providers, web hosting/design firms, and loyalty/CRM providers who are looking for an immediate white label solution. The iMessenger text messaging software platform makes it fast and easy to create compelling and effective mobile marketing initiatives including text message alerts, mobile coupons, text voting and polling, text to win, text to screen, text message appointment reminders and mobile content delivery.

“Our agency represents many high profile brands across different industries, and through our partnership with iVision Mobile, we can now provide companies with an easy way to launch campaigns, services and messaging for mobile initiatives of any scale.",” explains Naushad Huda, CEO of Textopoly, a full service mobile engagement agency. Textopoly uses the iMessenger platform to manage mobile campaigns which include complex consumer message flow, text to screen at live events and mobile content delivery. The agency successfully orchestrated original mobile content campaigns for Beck’s Beer and various State Lotteries, as well as live Text to Screen campaigns at several high-profile concerts across the country this past summer.

“We are excited to be partnering with very successful companies across many different industries,” remarks Derek Simms, CTO of iVision Mobile, Inc. “Textopoly is just one great example of how our resellers have achieved success with our mobile marketing software by providing their clients with an easy, scalable one-stop solution to create and manage mobile campaigns.”
Los Angeles, CA – March 25th, 2009 - iVisionMobile, Inc. today announced that Los Angeles-based Major League Soccer team, Club Deportivo Chivas USA, has chosen the iMessenger platform for managing its mobile promotions and communications during the 2009 season.  iVisionMobile will work with Chivas USA to create, manage and track mobile campaigns, including alerts, mobile coupons, and real-time text to screen voting and polling.  The team will use mobile marketing to build an opt-in database while providing fans with important news and updates, incentives, special discounts, and instant win opportunities.

“Using iVisionMobile’s platform will greatly enhance our communication with fans,” said Alex Gallegos, Director of Marketing for Club Deportivo Chivas USA.  “We chose iVisionMobile after receiving very positive feedback from several teams who have experienced ongoing success with the iMessenger platform.  The iMessenger interface is very easy to use, the pricing is reasonable, and they provide a complementary set of tools that will help us maximize results.”

Acquiring Club Deportivo Chivas USA as a customer underscores iVisionMobile’s position as one of the leading mobile marketing provider to sports teams across the country.  In their final two seasons, the Seattle Supersonics worked closely with iVisionMobile to develop a comprehensive mobile strategy that generated hundreds of ticket sales and produced ROI in excess of 1300%. 

“We are thrilled at the opportunity to work with Club Deportivo Chivas USA,” remarks Omer Samiri, CEO of iVisionMobile, Inc.  “We have fostered great relationships with the professional teams that we represent, and working with an MLS team for the first time is a significant accomplishment for our company.  Our clients’ results really highlight the importance of mobile marketing as a cost-effective solution and integral component of a company’s overall marketing strategy.”

iVisionMobile is used by small, medium and large enterprises across different industries and verticals as a self-service mobile communications and CRM platform with a robust suite of tools to create and manage various types of mobile marketing campaigns.  The iMessenger patent-pending platform supports text alerts, mobile content delivery via WAP push and MMS, premium SMS, interactive voting/polling, and multi-message text trivia and surveys while also providing a sophisticated CRM and analytic solution.  iMessenger is complemented by Nav2.0, the mobile industry’s first turnkey tool that gives clients and resellers the ability to create customized templates of the iMessenger dashboard specific to their needs.

by Mark Madler

May 26, 2008 LA, California

Mobile Marketing
The software developed by iVisionMobile makes possible in-house control of mobile marketing campaigns for its small business clients.

While the software attracted big-name clients such as the Seattle SuperSonics of the NBA and local radio personality Rick Dees, it was created with the small business person in mind, said company CEO Omer Samiri.

With iVisionMobile, no longer does a business need to spend thousands of dollars to write and set up short code, an abbreviated mobile number necessary for a mobile campaign.

Once set up, a restaurant, say, can take a survey via cell phone on its food and service. iVisionMobile paired with an East Coast auto dealer conglomerate to have inventory details sent to a mobile device.

Receiving the text messages is permission-based and promoted through a company’s advertising.

“They get the message when you want them to read it,” Samiri said.

LOS ANGELES, March 26 /PRNewswire/ -- iVisionMobile, Inc., an industry leader in advanced technologies for mobile marketing and communications, announced today that it has entered into a strategic partnership with ExpressLink, a leading provider of insurance, risk management, and compliance solutions to automobile dealerships nationwide. The agreement makes ExpressLink the exclusive nationwide distributor of iDealership, a solution enabling thousands of automobile dealerships to generate leads, mobilize inventory, and communicate easily and effectively with customers using the mobile phone.

Developed by iVisionMobile, iDealership is a robust suite of tools designed to increase ROI by complementing a dealer's existing marketing and retention campaigns. The solution mobilizes a dealership's inventory so prospective car buyers can browse new and pre-owned vehicles and get valuable information directly on their mobile phones. iDealership also includes the Text Reminder System, or Service - TRS, a stand-alone text messaging workstation for the service department to communicate easily with customers regarding their vehicles.

"The iVisionMobile platform will provide our dealerships with a wide range of tools to extend their reach and get more from their advertising dollars," explains Brian A. Murphy, President of ExpressLink. "We researched many different mobile application providers and chose iVisionMobile whom we felt had a superior platform and a more comprehensive array of products for our clients."

iDealership technology powers the mobile WAP sites for the nation's leading automobile dealerships including Galpin Ford, the #1 Volume Ford Dealer in the world. iVisionMobile works closely with dealers' inventory management systems to automate real-time inventory feeds which are then dynamically converted into vehicle-specific SMS campaigns and a mobile WAP site allowing prospective buyers to browse inventory effortlessly on their mobile device.

"We're excited to work with ExpressLink who is a major player in the automotive space," said Derek Simms, CTO and Co-Founder of iVisionMobile, Inc. "Our development team has created a unique toolset for automobile dealerships and there is no better choice than ExpressLink to be the exclusive distributor of our products to this market. ExpressLink has great relationships with many of the nation's leading dealerships and this partnership is a natural fit for our two companies."

LOS ANGELES, March 12 /PRNewswire/ -- iVisionMobile, the industry's most advanced mobile solutions company, announced that company revenue grew 718% in 2008. The growth was primarily driven by penetration into niche markets, an overwhelming acceptance amongst industry insiders, and a successful private label reseller program.

Launched in May of 2007, iVisionMobile has garnered significant attention for its user-friendly web-based platform and is being touted by many as one of the industry's most innovative solutions. The multi-functional software platform and an in-house development team were instrumental to the growth of the company across multiple industries including communications, radio, professional sports, agencies, and automotive.

"I'm thrilled about the direction iVisionMobile is headed in. The mobile space is new and exciting and iVisionMobile is at the forefront of many new technologies. We have developed unique and innovative products that will enable new markets to leverage the mobile device as an effective medium for communication and marketing," explains Omer Samiri, CEO and Co-Founder of iVisionMobile. "There is a definitive shift from the more traditional marketing channels to mobile, which has proven to be more effective and less costly, and it's great to be a key contributor to this growing trend."

The company's patent-pending software platform provides a wide range of mobile solutions to both small and large companies. Some of these solutions include text alerts, interactive voting/polling, mobile coupons, surveys, trivia, mobile content delivery, and dynamic text to screen applications. iVisionMobile has also developed custom applications such as interactive text chatting, loyalty programs, and an automotive solution that dynamically converts vehicle inventory into sms and wap-based mobile content.

iVisionMobile will focus 2009 on expanding its market share across key industries while also continuing to grow its list of products. Slated for completion in the first quarter is Nav2.0, the mobile industry's first fully customizable platform. Nav2.0 will allow customization of the entire web-based platform by easily letting clients select which functions and toolsets will be accessible and which will not. "We have had a growing demand from our clientele to enable full customization of our mobile dashboard," says Derek Simms, CTO and Co-Founder of iVisionMobile. "Now with Nav2.0, our clients can easily turn iVisionMobile's core software features on or off for a custom dashboard tailored to their specific needs."

iVisionMobile will be attending CTIA Wireless 2009 in Las Vegas from April 1-3. If you are interested in scheduling a meeting and learning more about iVisionMobile and the services provided, please call 866-655-5302 or email

LOS ANGELES, April 3, 2008 /PRNewswire/ -- Dees Entertainment and the Dees Digital Network have partnered with iVisionMobile, an industry-leading mobile messaging provider, to create DDN MOBILE a real time mobile messaging platform. The Interactive Radio package will allow on-air personalities to engage listeners with daily interactive text-to-vote and text-to-win campaigns where results can be received and announced in real-time.

"We are very excited about implementing this new mobile strategy," says Rick Dees. "The Interactive Radio package will allow our show producers to create custom mobile campaigns on the spot and then engage the audience with interactive voting, alerts, live chat and contests," Dees continues to explain.

Dees Entertainment will leverage the power of text messaging to build an opt-in database of listeners that can be utilized for future marketing efforts. "A remarkable way to reach consumers is by sending a text message directly to their mobile phones," remarks Rick Dees, "we feel this new communications channel will greatly benefit our listeners, radio stations and sponsors."

The Interactive Radio platform, developed by iVisionMobile, is a comprehensive suite of tools that creates an interactive community around media content. In addition to on-air mobile campaigns, the Interactive Radio package will integrate mobile functions on the website as well as provide streaming radio for handheld devices. "We have never seen this heightened level of interaction with radio-based mobile campaigns," explains Omer Samiri, CEO of iVisionMobile. "This technology will allow Rick to engage his listeners in real time, and offer them a chance to interact with the show."

iVisionMobile's revolutionary new m-commerce solution, iPayText,was successfully trialed and proved to be an easy, secure and cost-saving payment option for retailers

SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 23 -- iVisionMobile, an industry leader in advanced, interactive SMS and Premium SMS technology for mobile marketing and m-commerce solutions, successfully trialed their new mobile payment solution, iPayText, with Element Nightclub in Los Angeles. With the iPayText solution, consumers are able to pay for their dinners, bar tabs and cover charges securely and easily by sending a simple text message from their mobile phone. By utilizing iPayText as a payment option, merchants reduce losses due to charge-backs and fraud and increase customer satisfaction by offering users the freedom to safely pay for goods and services using only their mobile phone with no physical contact.

"We average 65% of sales via credit or charge cards," says James Sinclair, Managing Partner of the Paja Group that owns and operates multiple nightclubs, bars and restaurants in the greater LA area. "When we were approached by iVisionMobile to test this new mobile payment option, we were very excited. iVisionMobile's iPayText solution will not only reduce our losses from charge-backs and provide an additional level of security on the transactions and funds, but it also lets us offer our customers a fast and secure method of payment. It's a win-win situation," Sinclair continues.

The iPayText solution is a secure and simple retail-oriented mobile payment application that works independently of carriers or handsets. Consumers activate their account with a one-time, secure sign-up online or at in-store kiosks. They are then able to initiate purchases with retailers, in-store or in the comfort of their home, by sending a simple text message. All transactions are PIN-protected and include an added level of security using RFID (Radio Frequency) tags, eliminating the distribution of vital credit card information to unauthorized parties.

"We have basically created a payment solution that uses today's most advanced and secure e-commerce methodology and married it with our industry-leading, interactive text messaging technology," Omer Samiri, President and Co-founder of iVisionMobile explains. By utilizing the mobile phone to communicate directly with their consumers and allow easy purchases, the retailers now have a new way to enhance customer satisfaction and increase revenues.

"Our initial trial with several Hollywood area nightclubs allowed patrons to sign up for an iPayText account in exchange for a complementary beverage coupon. Patrons were then able to pay for their admission tickets by sending a simple text message request," Samiri continues. iVisionMobile will also be conducting trials of this powerful new payment solution with the NBA Seattle Supersonics and Storm organizations as well as Vanguard Nightclub in Hollywood. iPayText enables real-time payment transactions completed in seconds using a retailer's existing payment gateway and provides retailers with customer information that is well organized for easy monitoring and reporting.
Suite of advanced messaging tools offers an easy and low-cost way to create and implement mass mobile marketing campaigns

October 16, 2007 LA, California – iVision Mobile, an industry leader in interactive SMS and Premium SMS technology has launched an advanced software platform offering immediate and cost-efficient in-house solutions for creating interactive mobile marketing campaigns.  Today, mobile marketing and messaging campaigns often require significant up-front investments in both time and money. With iVision Mobile’s web-based tool, marketers can now create campaigns in minutes with no hefty set-up or provisioning fees.

iVision Mobile’s iMessenger is a user-friendly, web-based platform for the creation of standard and premium-rate mobile campaigns such as text-to-win, text-to-vote, text-to-screen, content distribution and mobile alerts.  Campaign set-up is performed in three simple steps and can be activated immediately.  In addition, the iMessenger solution offers a more unique end-user experience via “Interactive Replies” that maximize consumer and brand interaction.

“As a new player in the mobile marketing space, we have been overwhelmed by the positive feedback from our customers. They consistently tell us they like the ease and immediacy of use, the interactive replies feature and the low-cost of the solution. In fact, some of our customers have realized cost-savings as high as 90% by switching to our solution,” says Omer Samiri, CEO and Co-founder of iVision Mobile. 
iVision Mobile has recently added customers such as the Houston Rockets and Genutec Business Solutions to their expanding list of clients.

“We started using iVision Mobile because of their comprehensive web-based tools and low-cost mobile marketing solution,” says George Waterstraat, Database Manager, Seattle Supersonics. “The tool is simple and we can easily both design and personalize our mobile marketing efforts and implement them immediately. Our fans love that we can communicate directly with them at sports events in real-time.”

The iMessenger platform launched commercially three months ago and is already being utilized for mobile marketing and messaging campaigns by more than 50 customers nationwide