Nav2.0 Custom Menus

Use Nav2.0 Framework To Build A Customized Platform

iVision Mobile's iMessenger is the industry's first fully customizable text messaging software platform for mobile marketing and text messaging communications. The Nav2.0 custom framework allows users to customize their entire iMessenger user interface by selecting which features and functionalities they wish to turn ON or OFF.

The Nav2.0 system is a cutting-edge tool designed to give users and white label resellers the ability to customize the look and feel of their platform. This provides a more tailored approach and can be customized per user account.

The Nav2.0 System Lets Users:

  • Provide upselling opportunities to add additional toolsets
  • Create custom labels for menu items
  • Customize the order and positioning of menu items
  • Create sub-menu items with custom labels
  • Customize color scheme
  • Upload custom button graphics
  • Save custom menu templates
  • Specify landing pages upon successfully logging in