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iVision Mobile provides businesses with industry-leading mobile communications software. Combining cutting-edge technology and superior customer support, iVision Mobile helps businesses execute effective mobile marketing and efficient business related communication with their customers. Our solutions encompass short codes, long codes, text enabled toll-free numbers, and adding texting to your existing business lines.

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    Industry leading web-based mobile communications platform that offers businesses a comprehensive array of features including SMS, MMS, Mobile Web, Digital Kiosk Software, Mobile Coupons and Redemption, Text to Screen, Pics to Screen, Web Forms, and more! Our platform can deliver messages via Short Codes, Long Codes, & Text Enabled Toll-Free Numbers. Add text messaging to your business today!

  • Mobile Coupons & Redemption

    Deliver visually appealing digital coupons with unique tracking capabilities, viral sharing features, and Referral Rewards. Our digital couponing system can display barcodes, countdowns to expiration, and provide geo-location features.

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  • loyalty kiosk


    Digital Kiosks are a game changing technology for any brick and mortar business and a MUST HAVE tool for powerful results! Expect to see a 500-1,000% INCREASE in your Participation Rates compared to a traditional mobile marketing strategy once you implement a digital kiosk!

  • loyalty kiosk


    iVision Mobile offers a built-in review funnel designed to generate reviews from your opt-in subscribers and customers. Protect your reputation with a system that proactively catches unhappy customers for offline recovery. Automate your review acquisition campaigns via text message and allow your customers to post their positive reviews directly to your desired review sites and spread the good word about your business.

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    Mobile Wallet For Android & iOS

    iVision Mobile's powerful technology lets users deliver unique mobile coupons that can be saved directly into a mobile wallet on a subscriber's phone. When a consumer downloads a mobile wallet pass it opens up a more direct channel of real-time communication with that contact.


    -Already Used - 3 out of 4 smartphone users connect to WiFi on their device.

    - Customers Crave WiFi - Customers make decisions based on WiFi availability onsite

    - WiFi Drives Decisions - Customers say WiFi availability affects their buying decisions

    - Increased Spending - Small business owners say their customers spend more because of WiFi access.

    However, today's WiFi faces many problems. WiFi is not customized to the business and often creates issues with passwords that can be long or complicated. Plus, In addition, WiFi today does not provide any substantial value to a business.



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To have a successful mobile communications strategy, you need the right partner that you can trust to help achieve those results! iVision Mobile is one of the leading mobile marketing companies in North America. Our team of experts brings 10+ years of

mobile communications

experience using the best technology platform in the industry.
  • Retail Boutiques
    iVision Mobile / LA Text Savings
  • George Goldberg of LA Text Savings (Reseller/Licensee) was a licensee of another text message marketing company for six years when he feared that his company was becoming financially unstable and that his costs for both ongoing license fees and text messages prevented his business from reaching profit levels that he felt were realistic. Additionaly, this provider restricted him from selling outside a very limited geographic area. After transferring his accounts to iVision Mobile, several positive things occurred: his expenses decreased by more than 60% and his ability to sell anywhere with a more technologically advanced platform allowed him to increase his income potential exponentially.

    Goldberg says this switch was "one of the best business decisions that I've ever made!"

    George Goldberg
    LA Text Savings
    (Los Angeles)
  • "I cannot express how appreciative I am for your support this past 1.5 years. You have really delivered amazing systems and people support!"
    Paul Mitchell
    (Dallas area)
  • "We have experienced tremendous success with our mobile coupons. Our text messaging and loyalty initiatives account for 28% of our total sales."
    Dennis Jordan
    Senior VP of Marketing
    Pizza Pie Cafe (17 locations in 3 states)


iVision Mobile offers a complete toolset of products designed to increase revenue, build customer engagement, and generate powerful opt-in databases for users. Offer a combination of these products to your clients and maximize your revenue streams.

Text Messaging

Text messaging is by far our most popular product! We offer an easy to use web-based Text Messaging Software platform. Use our software tool to create all types of interactive mobile marketing and engaging messaging campaigns.

Loyalty Kiosk

Leverage iVision Mobile's NEW 'Do It Yourself' Kiosk Software to design a custom kiosk experience for your customers, enabling them to join a mobile club, redeem a coupon, or check into a loyalty program.

Reminder System

The Text Reminder System is a one-on-one messaging platform that allows for the easy creation and deployment of appointment reminders as well as one time and recurring text message notifications.

Reputation Management

Generate powerful reviews and mitigate negative reviews using our reputation management add-on feature.

Mobile Wallet

Activate powerful mobile wallet campaigns for Google (Android) & Apple Pay and utilize cutting-edge geofencing capabilities not available using text messaging.

WiFi Marketing Hotspot

Use your business WiFi to engage your customers and build a powerful opt-in database with our WiFi marketing hotspot devices and proximity sensors.

Training Videos

View any of our training videos for an in-depth look at our mobile marketing software.

Mobile FAQs

We've compiled a list of useful questions and answers for anyone that is new to navigating the mobile space.

Short Code FAQs

Are you new to short codes? Read the list of comprehensive questions and answers for a better understanding of how it all works.

Best Practices

View a consolidated list of the carrier best practices and industry guidelines on one page. Enjoy!

Support Request

Need help? Submit a support request now and we will get back to you asap.

Supported Carriers

View a list of supported carriers for each of our short codes.

Knowledge Base

iVision Mobile has prepared a knowledge base with ideas and strategies for launching and executing a successful mobile campaign.


iVision provides clients with hands-on white glove support. Our dedicated team members are here to assist you in all aspects of executing your mobile strategy including: understanding the marketplace, learning the software, executing your mobile strategy, and analyzing the results.

Our experts are here to guide you every step of the way.