Digital Loyalty Rewards for your Business

Setting Up A Spending Or Visit Based Loyalty Rewards Program

A properly designed loyalty rewards program will keep your customers coming back to your business on a regular and frequent basis. Taking care of your regular customers and rewarding them for their patronage is the best way to retain your customers.

With iVision Mobile’s kiosk technology, loyalty programs can be setup in a variety of ways. Loyalty programs can be designed as Single Tier or Mult-Tiered. This gives users the flexibility to design their program how they wish and include different reward tiers if desired.

Loyalty rewards and points can also be based on visits or spending. Of course, with a spending-based rewards program, users will want to take advantage of the Kiosk Check-In Manager, a back-office dashboard designed for employees to monitor and administer loyalty check-ins and earned rewards points. This feature is automatically included along

In some cases, users will want to integrate their existing POS system directly with our points-based loyalty rewards technology. This can also be done seamlessly and effortlessly with our digital kiosk technology.

Benefits of a Loyalty Program

As listed by, here are 5 benefits that loyalty rewards programs provide:

  • Reward Current Customers: If you want your current customers to feel good about supporting your brand, a loyalty program can help. By rewarding them for their purchases, you’re showing them you appreciate their business. Rewards can help customers feel like they’re saving money, helping them feel more inclined to continue to support your brand.

  • Reduce Slow Season: Depending on your industry, there may be slow seasons for your brand. A loyalty program can help you boost business during these slower seasons by giving customers a reason to shop. Companies may decide to give out more rewards during slow seasons and include an expiration date so that customers get to the store or website within a certain timeframe.

  • Reduce Costs: Marketing to new customers and having sales staff reach out to them can take up a lot of time and money. This is especially true when you’re reaching out to new leads who may choose to shop elsewhere. When your brand focuses on creating a quality loyalty program, you can reduce the costs associated with finding new customers.

  • Create Mailing Lists: When people sign up for your loyalty program, you can gather their contact information into a mailing list. This makes it easier to send repeat customers your mailers and emails. By sending them information about different sales and promotions going on, you can convince them to shop with your brand. Mailing lists also help you nurture clients, keeping your brand salient to them.

  • Incentivize More Shopping: Brands often use different tiers for their rewards members, which encourages customers to spend more money. The idea is that when you shop more, you can save more. For instance, when customers reach a certain dollar amount, they can unlock additional rewards and perks. You can offer things like free shipping and returns, gift cards and extra freebies.

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