Engage your audience and enhance their messaging experience using powerful mobile coupons, a digital kiosk, and much more with iVision Mobile’s SMS and MMS messaging platformAll system features are included with any of our messaging plans.

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Short Codes, 10-DLCs, and Toll Free Numbers

The way that businesses deliver messages to their opted-in contacts has evolved over the years. iVision Mobile has stayed at the forefront of this technology and offers a comprehensive solution to fit your needs.  Our industry-leading platform allows you to use any number you need – short codes, local numbers, or toll-free can all be implemented to fit your unique use case and business needs.

Short Codes

5 or 6-digit Short Codes are the “Gold Standard” for high volume commercial text messaging and are the main channel of messaging solutions in the United States and Canada. Our team handles the process of provisioning a new one to make it seamless and fast.

10-Digit Local Codes

Want a more local presence? Text-enable your existing business number or register a new 10-Digit Local Code (10-DLC) directly through our system. 10-DLCs have been gaining traction and legitimacy with the carriers and can now support higher messaging throughput, similar to short codes.

Text Enabled Toll-Free #s

Every new iVision Mobile account includes a complimentary Text Enabled Toll-Free number that is DEDICATED to you and has been approved for SMS and MMS messaging at high volumes. Toll-Free numbers are currently our recommended channel for commercial messaging.

Powerful & Interactive Messaging Capabilities

2-Way Messaging

Communicate 1-on-1 or en masse with text messaging to large groups of contacts all at once. Our system supports full two-way conversations with subscribers, making it easy for you to communicate quickly and efficiently with your audience.

Schedule Your Messages for Delivery

You can send your messages on the fly or schedule them in advance. Our system provides a variety of ways to manage and automate your messaging with contacts.

No-Limits, High Throughput

Whether you are sending to one contact or one million, our messaging platform is scalable and ready for the highest volumes you can bring. Our robust gateway delivers tens of millions of SMS and MMS messages each month to opted-in contacts across the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, and US Territories.

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Elevate Your Communications with Precision SMS

Drive engagement, resonate with your audience, and build confidence in every message.

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Build Opted-In Contact Lists

We offer a variety of tools that maximize your reach and build a powerful opted in database of contacts

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The Digital Kiosk technology increases in-store opt-in rates by 500-1,000% over traditional mobile marketing programs. The digital kiosk can manage a loyalty rewards program that increases customer retention, tracks user visits and drives additional revenues.


Already have a list of opted-in contacts? Great! You can easily import your list in seconds and start communicating with your audience.

Customizable web forms can capture a more complete customer profile and can easily be added to any webpage or mobile site.


The “traditional” method of building an opted-in contacts list is with a KEYWORD Call to Action that is promoted across your different marketing and communication channels.

QR Codes are a great tool to incorporate across your communication channels. Give people the option to text a Keyword OR scan a QR code to join your mobile program.

Who's Innovating with iVision Mobile's Messaging Platform?

Brick and mortar businesses of all sizes and types, as well as some of the nation’s leading brands, all trust iVision Mobile to deliver their messages.


The majority of system users  belong to one of 150+ marketing / digital agencies, entrepreneurs, and mobile marketers that white label our software and offer it to their direct customers.


Our core user base is made up of the thousands of brick and mortar businesses, like retail, across the country that use our software to send marketing and non-marketing communications to their opted-in contacts.


We work with large and small CPG products and brands and their distribution partners that want to leverage SMS communications as part of their overall marketing and communications strategy.

3rd Party Software Integrations

iVision Mobile offers the ability to integrate our software with thousands of 3rd party applications.

Point of Sale (POS)

Enhance your existing POS system with a mobile club or loyalty rewards program integration.


Streamline data collection and apply loyalty points from e-commerce sites like Shopify, Gloria Foods, and others.

Dealer Management

Feed Data directly into your Dealership Management Software (DMS) and drive inbound leads to your sales teams.

Email Marketing

Capture emails through our system and instantly send them to your Email Marketing Platform like MailChimp, Get Response, Active Campaign etc.

CMS & CRM Systems

Ensure up-to-date synchronization of your data across multiple Customer management systems like Salesforce, InfusionSoft and more.

zapier integration with ivision mobile

Zapier Integration

Use “Zaps” setup on Zapier, to easily connect any 3rd party system with iVision and perform a variety of tasks with the system.

Custom Development Projects

For more advanced projects that are not supported through our built-in tools, we offer a more customized approach with our in-house development team. They’ll work with you to create and execute your desired solution. 

We utilize the following process for custom development projects:

1. Introductory Call

2. Project Scope Prep

3. Approval & Agreement

4. Engineering

5. Q/A Testing

6. Delivery

Customer Support

ivision support team

iVision Mobile’s support team is here to help with any of your software integration needs. Our knowledgeable staff can assist with any complex integration questions and scenarios. 

If you do not have access to development resources or want to devote the time to integrate, our in-house software development team can assist. We offer different types of integrations, all of which range in price depending on the level of complexity and features desired.