Digital Waitlist For Businesses

Efficient line management software utilizes a touchless "take a number" system for customers. PROMOTE SOCIAL DISTANCING WITH A TOUCHLESS WAITLIST SOLUTION

Digital waitlist for restaurants by iVision Mobile

Businesses and organizations everywhere are re-envisioning how to best manage their onsite customers and visitors – in an effort to promote and adhere to social distancing measures and reduce crowding at their establishments.

The Digital Waitlist is a cutting edge solution that takes your waitlist and queueing system digital. By using text messaging technology, the Digital Waitlist allows your customers to self check-in at a safe distance from other guests and get notifications from your business in real-time.

Businesses are using the Digital Waitlist for a variety of communication needs, including managing capacity and entry for onsite shoppers at their stores, tracking incoming guests at their restaurants, and communicating with curbside pick-up orders as they arrive.

Don’t let bad communication negatively impact your business. Leverage the power of the Digital Waitlist today!

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