17+ Years of Mobile Industry Compliance Knowledge and Experience

Mr. Samiri has served as a consultant and mobile industry expert on behalf of hundreds of enterprise businesses engaged in, and exploring the use of, mobile marketing and SMS communications.

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TCPA Expert Witness | Mobile Industry Consultant

Omer Samiri, founder of iVision Mobile, has 20+ years of mobile industry compliance knowledge and experience. Mr. Samiri started his involvement in the mobile industry in Summer of 2001 when text messaging was at its infancy in the United States. With flip phones and “T9” text messaging gaining traction amongst the 20-something demographic, Mr. Samiri identified an opportunity and sought to leverage text and picture messaging technology as a business marketing solution. 

It was in Summer of 2001 when Mr. Samiri started attending semi-annual CTIA Wireless & I.T. expos that brought together the different operators within the mobile industry. Mr. Samiri used these industry shows to meet the different industry players and gain a thorough understanding of the mobile and messaging ecosystem. After creating a business plan and devoting 3+ years in software development, Mr. Samiri launched iVision Mobile in 2006, becoming a pioneer of the mobile marketing industry. To date, iVision Mobile has empowered nearly 40,000 businesses across the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, and U.S. Virgin Islands, with powerful web-based mobile marketing and communications software.

Mr. Samiri has used this vast business experience and hands-on interactions with clients across a wide range of industries, to further expand his knowledge and expertise in the mobile industry. iVision Mobile is now recognized as a leading provider by the U.S. Common Short Code Association, The Campaign Registry, and other mobile industry groups and associations.

Mobile Ecosystem

Mr. Samiri has extensive knowledge of the end to end mobile and messaging ecosystem, including but not limited to, the mobile carriers' messaging binds, global aggregation partners and connectivity, handset functionality and support, and SMS/MMS messaging delivery.


Since 2003, Mr. Samiri has been actively involved in navigating an evolving mobile industry compliance landscape on behalf of thousands of clients, both large and small, for whom his company provides mobile communications services.

Federal TCPA Law

Federal TCPA guidelines have created a stringent set of regulations pertaining to text messaging communications in the United States. As such, marketers and brands must practice utmost care to ensure they obtain express written consent from consumers.

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