Boost Real Estate Text Message & SMS Marketing: A Guide with Examples & Templates

The world of real estate is a highly competitive arena. To thrive, successful realtors must leverage every tool at their disposal. One such tool is SMS marketing, and it’s gaining significant traction in the real estate industry. Real estate SMS marketing is an efficient, effective, and affordable way to connect with clients. It can help real estate professionals increase leads, close deals faster, and enhance customer relationships. Platforms like iVision Mobile provide specialized SMS marketing software designed for the unique needs of the real estate sector, delivering robust tools and features to streamline communication and boost success rates.

Text Marketing for Real Estate

What is Real Estate SMS Marketing?

Real estate SMS or text message marketing is a strategy where real estate professionals send text messages to prospective and current clients. These messages can range from property details and viewing invitations to follow-ups and appointment reminders. The tactic is known for its high open rates, quick response times, and broad appeal among consumers.

The Power of SMS in Real Estate Marketing

SMS marketing has several advantages that make it an excellent tool for realtors.

High Engagement Rates

SMS boasts an impressive average open rate of 98%, with most text messages being read within three minutes of receipt. The response rate is also notable, averaging around 45%. This high engagement is primarily due to the ubiquity of mobile devices and the direct nature of text messaging.

Preferred Communication Channel

Many consumers prefer text messaging as a primary communication channel. It’s quick, convenient, and doesn’t require an internet connection. For real estate professionals, this means that clients are more likely to engage with SMS content than with other forms of communication like email or voicemail.

Lead Generation

Real estate SMS marketing can also help generate leads. By providing options for potential clients to opt into text message alerts for new listings or open houses, realtors can build a contact list of interested buyers and sellers.

Client Retention

SMS marketing can boost client retention by providing regular, personalized communication. Whether it’s sending a follow-up text after a property viewing or a reminder about an upcoming appointment, these small touches can help build a strong, lasting relationship with clients.

Text Message Marketing Strategies for Real Estate Agents & Realtors

Now that we’ve covered the “why” of real estate SMS marketing let’s delve into the “how”. Here are some proven text message marketing strategies that can help realtors engage their audience and drive results.

Personalized Messaging

A personalized message can make a client feel valued and appreciated. Use the client’s name in the text and reference any specific properties or neighborhoods they’ve expressed interest in.

Timely Updates

Keep your clients updated on new listings, price reductions, or upcoming open houses. The more timely and relevant the information, the more likely the client is to engage.

Scheduling and Reminders

Use SMS to schedule property viewings and send appointment reminders. This not only helps keep your clients organized but also reduces the chances of missed appointments.

Sharing Valuable Content

Share informative content such as blog posts, market updates, or home buying tips. This provides value to your clients and helps position you as a trusted expert in the real estate field.

Asking for Reviews and Referrals

After a successful transaction, consider sending a text asking for a review, survey or referral. This can help improve your online reputation and bring in new business.

SMS Compliance for Real Estate Professionals

Compliance is a crucial aspect of any SMS marketing campaign. Here are some key points that real estate professionals need to keep in mind:

Obtain Consent

It’s essential to get express written consent from clients before sending them promotional text messages. This can be achieved through a variety of means, such as having clients opt-in through a form on your website or by sending a keyword to your SMS shortcode.

Provide a Way to Opt-Out

You must always provide a way for clients to opt-out of receiving messages. This can be as simple as instructing them to reply with a specific keyword like “STOP”.

Be Transparent

Clearly state the purpose of your messages and don’t send non-real estate related content. Also, specify how often you’ll be sending messages.

Respect Privacy Laws

Ensure you’re compliant with privacy laws. This includes not only the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) but also any local or state laws that apply to your area.

Real Estate Text Marketing Software

To manage your real estate SMS marketing efforts effectively, you’ll need the right software. The best text message marketing platform for real estate agents is iVision Mobile. It offers a range of features designed to make SMS marketing easy and effective. These include:

Bulk Messaging

Send a single message to hundreds or thousands of contacts at once. Ideal for promoting new listings or open houses.

Two-Way Messaging

Engage in one-on-one conversations with clients. Perfect for answering queries or scheduling viewings.

SMS Keywords

Use SMS keywords to make it easy for leads to join your contact list. For example, a potential buyer could text “HOMES” to receive updates on new listings.

Team Management

Add team members to help manage your SMS campaigns. This can be particularly useful for larger real estate agencies with multiple agents.


Integrate your SMS marketing platform with other software like your CRM or email marketing system.

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SMS Marketing ROI for Real Estate

Like any marketing strategy, it’s important to measure the return on investment (ROI) of your real estate SMS marketing efforts. The good news is that SMS marketing tends to have a high ROI, thanks to its low cost and high engagement rates.

To calculate your SMS marketing ROI, you’ll need to track key metrics like:

Number of Leads Generated

How many new leads have you gained through your SMS marketing efforts? This can be measured by the number of people who opt into your SMS marketing list.

Number of Conversions

How many of these leads have converted into clients? This can be measured by the number of property viewings, offers made, or deals closed that originated from an SMS message.

Revenue Generated

How much revenue has your SMS marketing campaign generated? This can be calculated by adding up the commission from all the deals closed that originated from an SMS message.

By comparing these metrics to the cost of your SMS marketing campaign, you can calculate your ROI and see how effective your efforts have been.

Text Message Marketing Templates for Real Estate Professionals

Effective text message marketing relies heavily on the quality of the message content. Here are some templates that you can use or modify according to your needs:

  • Initial Contact: “Hello [Lead], thank you for visiting our website! Is there a specific property you’re interested in? – [Your Name] from [Your Company]”
  • Meeting Request: “Hi [Lead], are you free this evening? Let’s set up a 15-minute phone call to chat! – [Your Name] from [Your Company]”
  • New Listing Alert: “Hello [Buyer]! I just listed this three-bedroom house in [location]. Check out the listing details here: [link]”
  • Price Change Notification: “Hi [Name]! The asking price for [address] just dropped from $300,000 to $295,000. Interested in scheduling a showing? – [Your Name] from [Your Company]”
  • Request for Review: “Hello [Client]! I loved helping you find your new home. Would you mind leaving a review here: [link] – [Your Name] from [Your Company]”

Remember, these templates are just a starting point. Feel free to modify them based on your clients’ preferences and your own personal style.

From: 55678

Hello [Lead], thank you for visiting our website! Is there a specific property you’re interested in? – [Your Name] from [Your Company]

Reply STOP to cancel, msg & data rates may apply

From: 55678

Hello [Client]! I loved helping you find your new home. Would you mind leaving a review here: [link] – [Your Name] from [Your Company]

Reply STOP to cancel, msg & data rates may apply

Text Marketing Trends in Real Estate

Just like the real estate market, text marketing trends are constantly evolving. Here are some current trends that realtors should be aware of:


Clients increasingly expect personalized communication. This can range from using the client’s name in messages to sending property recommendations based on their preferences.


More and more realtors are using automation to manage their SMS campaigns. This can include automated responses to common queries or automated reminders for property viewings.


Integration with other marketing channels is becoming increasingly important. For example, many realtors now integrate their SMS marketing platform with their CRM or email marketing system to ensure a seamless customer experience.


As SMS marketing becomes more popular, compliance is becoming a bigger issue. Realtors need to ensure they are following all relevant laws and regulations to avoid hefty fines.

Leveraging SMS Marketing Software: iVision Mobile

For a successful real estate SMS marketing strategy, the right tools are indispensable. iVision Mobile offers an all-encompassing text message marketing solution tailored to the needs of real estate professionals. With functionalities such as mass texting, business texting, personalized messaging, and thorough reporting, iVision Mobile empowers real estate professionals to fully exploit the potential of their SMS marketing campaigns.


In conclusion, real estate SMS marketing is a powerful tool that can help realtors increase leads, close deals faster, and enhance customer relationships. By implementing the strategies and best practices outlined in this guide, real estate professionals can harness the power of SMS and gain a competitive edge in today’s challenging market. Embrace the future of real estate communication and start crafting your SMS marketing strategy today!

1. What is real estate text message marketing?

Answer: Real estate text message marketing, also known as SMS marketing, involves sending promotional and informational messages directly to potential buyers or sellers’ mobile phones to boost real estate listings and services.

2. Why is SMS marketing crucial for real estate agents?

Answer: SMS marketing offers a direct and immediate line of communication, ensuring high visibility. It’s efficient for sending property listings, open house invitations, or market updates, ensuring clients are always informed.

3. How can I integrate text message marketing into my current real estate marketing strategy?

Answer: Begin by segmenting your contact list into potential buyers, sellers, and others. Send targeted messages, like new property listings to potential buyers or market stats to sellers. Also, incorporate SMS shortcodes in your offline ads to gain leads.

4. What kind of content can real estate professionals send via text messages?

Answer: Property listings, open house invitations, market updates, appointment reminders, and client feedback surveys are among the many types of content suitable for SMS marketing in real estate.

5. Are there templates available for real estate SMS marketing?

Answer: Yes, platforms specialized in real estate SMS marketing often offer templates. These can range from new listing announcements to open house reminders, making it easier for agents to communicate effectively.

6. How do I ensure I’m not spamming my contacts?

Answer: Always get explicit consent before sending promotional messages and provide an easy opt-out option in every SMS. Regularly update and clean your contact list, removing those who’ve opted out.

7. What’s the advantage of using shortcodes in real estate ads?

Answer: Shortcodes allow potential clients to quickly get information about a property by sending a text. For example, an ad can say, “Text ‘INFO’ to 12345 for more details on this property.” It also helps in lead capturing.

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