Business Texting Dashboard For 1-on-1 Messaging

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The Business Texting Dashboard is a two-way text messaging workstation designed to help your customer service representatives communicate easily and effectively one-on-one with your patients, customers, or guests. 

Text messaging is increasingly used by busy people to help them communicate on the go when they are in meetings, on phone calls, or at other times when a phone conversation may not be appropriate.

Because mobile phones are so personal, people actually read every text message they receive. Your business can benefit by using a computer to communicate with customers directly to their cell phones via text message. That’s right – with the business texting dashboard, you can send messages right from your desktop and receive them back the same way while your customers see them on their cell phones.

Business Text Messaging Dashboard


The Business Texting Dashboard is an easy to use, web-based dashboard, that lets users send one-off messages to contacts and also schedule reminders. This tool is perfect for two-way, one-on-one communication with customers. The interface is very simple and features a menu on the left, the page contents in the middle, and real-time inbox on the right. You can use the Reminder Templates to schedule multiple reminders at different time intervals in advance of an appointment.

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The Business Texting Dashboard lets you create Recurring Messages at different time intervals. Use the recurring messages feature to create daily/weekly/monthly alerts for individuals or groups of contacts. The recurring messages are perfect for prescription reminders or group meeting alerts.


The Business Texting Dashboard also features a built-in calendar module for scheduling appointments. You can use the Business Texting Dashboard to schedule single or multi-attendee appointments. Appointments can be easily scheduled and are color-coded to view overlapping timeslots.


The entire Business Texting Dashboard can be managed through an admin section. In this section, a user can create multiple workstations, designate their appointment people/locations, and create/modify their message templates.

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