Top 10 Mobile Marketing Statistics

We at iVision Mobile are a full, in-house mobile software development company that can assist with the rapid creation and implementation of any mobile application. Take a peak at some of the top mobile marketing statistics.

We know that setting a course different from traditional media and print marketing channels toward MMS, or mobile marketing can be a bit of a challenge. However, the ease of use, personalization and immediacy of your ROI can be impressive.

When you work with a company like ours (iVision Mobile), you’re working with one of the longest standing and most innovative companies in the industry.

Over the years our services and platform has been refined and optimized to easily serve you now, and well into the future.

As technology continues to evolve, so do we.

Making The Advantages of MMS Marketing Clear.

We’re happy to answer all of your MMS Marketing Statistics questions you might have as you navigate the world of Mobile MMS Marketing.

It’s our job for you to understand, realize and enjoy the power of your marketing dollar through the growth of mobile marketing. Including all of the technological abilities exclusively available on our custom platform.

Note: The Differences Between MMS And SMS Are:

MMS stands for Multimedia Messaging Service- so they can contain pictures, videos, links, emojis and more text than the 160 character limits associated with SMS, or Short Message Service.

It’s important to understand that some of these statistics may, or may not be using the correct term when applied to their statistics. In compiling this data, we’ve come across many instances where we highly suspect the terms are being used interchangeably.

In compiling this data, we’ve come across many instances where we highly suspect the terms are being used interchangeably.

When you work with iVision Mobile you’ll only need to think in terms of content rich MMS Message Marketing.

Mobile Marketing Statistics:

On this page you will find a variety of Mobile Marketing Statistics of interest and value. As well as MMS marketing examples for you to consider.

Remember, the growth of mobile marketing shows no signs of slowing, and your company, or campaign (of any size) has every ability to leverage this medium to your advantage.

1. What Is The Success Rate Of SMS Marketing?

“Statistics show SMS open rates are as high as 98%, and that’s higher than any other marketing channel. Not only that, but most customers prefer receiving texts over other forms of communication.”

Mar 25, 2021 Source:

Rather than traditional forms of interruption marketing, people (customers) opt-in to your list to receive messages on their phones. Phones are also a far more personal device, when compared to radio, television, print and paid internet ads.

When we hear an alert on the phone, we’re already geared (some would say conditioned) to feel good about receiving a message.

This way, not only are your recipients warm, and familiar with you, but because you’re using this form of communication, they’re happy to hear what your business is up to- especially, if it’s something exclusive to those on that list (aka ‘value’).

2. Is SMS Marketing Effective?

“In particular, text message marketing offers a read rate of 97% within 15 minutes of delivery, making it one of the best methods of marketing with minimal costs. Not only will most customers read your messages almost immediately, but 45% of mobile marketing campaigns generate a successful ROI.”

Aug 25, 2021 Source:

Compare mobile marketing to radio, television, email or even printing flyers. It’s a no brainer.

Also, it’s far easier to understand your metrics of engagement. If a link is presented in your message, and the recipient clicks through (CTR- click through rate), you’ll know. This way ad copy, or in this case, your message ‘creative,’ can be split tested.

If you send three different messages (A, B, C) to a small portion of your list, you’ll quickly know which one performed best- for example B. Then you take that B-creative and send it to your entire list. This optimized your efforts and ROI.

All of this can be easily managed with our custom dashboard. This offers you far more power and control than any other form of marketing than we can think of.

Consider these points:

  • You already have a relationship with your recipients.
  • They’re bound to receive the message- almost instantly.
  • They’re conditioned to block out other forms of interruption media- and consider those costs in comparison.
  • You’re not wasting paper, and then having to distribute that information in a shotgun manner to cold traffic.
  • The results are near instantaneous- and your messages can be hyper-time sensitive- to create a sense of urgency.
  • With a custom MMS Marketing platform like we have at iVision Mobile, there are a number of other tools and attributes for you to employ within your campaigns. Most will be discussed further on this page.

3. What Is The Conversion Rate For SMS Marketing?

“Text message marketing has the potential to increase your conversions. It has an impressive 32% conversion rate. Compare this to the click through rate in email, which is an average of about three percent.”

Feb 6, 2017 Source:

Again, this is because they’ve chosen to receive your offers or updates. This is a huge difference when comparing your options in marketing channels.

Imagine a weeklong promotion for your business’ lunch crowd. After blasting an engaging mobile coupon to your list on Monday, how many of your list’s recipients could bring others in?

Of those, who at your restaurant might then opt-in to your special (exclusive only to your list) weekly MMS offers?

4. What Does ‘MMS’ Mean In Marketing?

‘MMS’ stands for multimedia messaging service which is a form of SMS messaging that allows you to send media files such as videos, audios, images and even GIFs. In other words, MMS marketing can also be referred to as picture messaging.”


That said, with our custom platform, the options of how MMS can be used has been expanded greatly.

From digital coupons, surveys, QR Codes, Text to Pledge and even our Digital Kiosk Display we have all of the tools to help set your MMS Marketing campaign to win.

5. What Is A Good Click Rate For SMS?

“The average CTR for SMS is close to 19%, which is 4% higher than for ads sent by email. These numbers show how effective and strategic SMS marketing is as an advertising method. The CTR for SMS is so high because phone users are just more interested in opening this kind of message.”


People are also more closely connected to their phones. They’ve also had to opt-in to your list to even receive your messages and further statistics will show they’re happy to do so, especially when you provide value up-front.

6. Why Is Sms Marketing Better Than Email?

“SMS marketing has a striking edge over email marketing in terms of open rate. The average open rate for an SMS campaign is as high as 98% while email rings in at just 20%. By extension, response rates for text messages are much higher than emails as well.”

Jan 29, 2021 Source:

Think about how you use your phone. Maybe you have your alerts segmented- so you get one alert for emails, which you often ignore to check later, and another alert for messages or calls which you respond to much more quickly.

MMS Marketing exists in a special spot in between phone calls and emails. They’re direct and quickly received, but are not considered intrusive, or ignored- this is because they’ve opted-in with a full understanding that they will be added to your list, and receive messages from you.

If you have value to offer, they probably want to hear about it. The statistics soundly support that conclusion.

7. How Long Should A Marketing SMS Be?

“These text messages can be sent via a shared number or short code, or even a number dedicated to the brand. SMS differs from email in that the messages are very short, with a limit of 160 characters and more immediate delivery.”

May 11, 2021 Source:

We don’t have those character limits with our MMS message platform. Which are also quite a bit more engaging than just simple text. From mobile web pages , to voting, to engaging surveys, to digital coupons and even pledging to your favorite charities.

At iVision Mobile, we’ve plenty of easy to manage solutions and examples of successful campaigns run by our other clients for you to consider.

8. How Do I Increase My SMS Conversion Rate?

  1. “Include a Clear Call to Action (CTA) Even though text messages are short, you need to communicate what you want your recipient to do quickly and clearly. …
  2. Personalize Your Message. As a marketer, you know that personalization matters.
  3. Use SMS A/B Tests.”


All three of these very important points can be easily managed with our platform. iVision Mobile understands how to control split tests to maximize the results of your impressions and campaigns. We also suggest A/B/C split tests are better to run, than just A/B.

With our platform, you also have total control of the service. Including the option of automatically filling in the fields with personalization data- such as names when your customers opt-in.

This is best performed with our custom Digital Signage Kiosks – client facing software completely branded to your business, that can run on almost any device.

9. Why Is SMS Marketing Effective?

“One of the reasons SMS marketing is so effective is that it’s suited to B2C and B2B audiences. The adaptability of SMS marketing also means that if you’re looking to move into a new market or a new sector with your brand, you already have a developed channel you can use to target your customers.”

Jun 30, 2017 Source:

We’ve extended our custom software suite to include a number of other effective tools to fully utilize the true abilities of MMS as a platform for rich messaging.

These include everything from custom mobile web pagesQR Codesdigital couponstext to vote capabilities, emergency alerts, and even the ability to run donation campaigns for charities.

How could you put iVision Mobile to work for your business or organization?

10. How Do You Use SMS Marketing?

7 Tips to Leverage the Power of SMS Marketing

  1. “Create an SMS Marketing Team. Large SMS marketing campaigns aren’t DIY.
  2. Know Thy Customer.
  3. Write Clear Messages.
  4. Use Call-to-Action Buttons.
  5. Get Your Timing Right.
  6. Promote Opt-In Across All Media.
  7. Focus on Your Best Clients.”


Obviously, for smaller businesses, and even for smaller marketing teams, creating a dedicated MMS team isn’t a possibility. We would argue that they’re not even necessary.

We’ve created a custom tools suite with a dashboard that almost anyone can control on their own- without a team behind them.

Take a look at our small business client testimonials here and see what they have to say- and how iVision Mobile made sense for their business.