Mobile & SMS Coupons

Mobile Couponing is more important now than ever and can encourage spending all while saving money for consumers. Mobile coupons are becoming a very popular and effective tool for retailers and provide unparalleled convenience for their customers. Integrating mobile coupons with a mobile marketing campaign can provide great incentives and generally yield much higher response rates.

Mobile coupons can take the form of a unique code in an SMS message or a unique link to a digital coupon. The coupon widget is a digital coupon redemption system that will provide your customers with an engaging user experience when redeeming text offers and mobile coupons directly through their mobile device.

This new redemption system can be used in tandem with the existing coupon redemption feature on the digital kiosk. The new digital coupon allows a business to send a text message offer with a traceable unique URL linked to a digital mobile coupon. The customer then clicks on the URL and browses to a fully customizable digital coupon where they can get more details, redeem the coupon, and share with their friends!

Viral sharing is a great way to increase your reach by leveraging your customers’ vast social networks. Now we’ve added a NEW Mobile Coupon Referral Tracking system, making it easy for businesses to deliver special offers which can then be shared with others AND tracked as referrals. The referral tracking feature is a great way to incentivize and reward loyal customers who play an active role in driving referral business.

iVision Mobile provides simple solutions for digital mobile coupons sent via SMS. Try the iVision Mobile software platform for free today.

Sample Mobile Coupons

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