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Monitor Online Reviews


Online reviews are critically important for the success of any local business- and not all online review monitoring software are created equal.

Take a look at this recent statistic:

“Nearly nine out of ten (89 percent) consumers worldwide make the effort to read reviews before buying products July, 4th 2021 Source: Trustpilot.com

But how many customers also leave a review?

“Almost half (47 percent) of all internet users worldwide say they post reviews about a product, company, or service each month. Source: GWI.com”
Your prospective customers are looking to the internet to read about your business and make educated decisions about where they spend their dollars in your community . The iVision Mobile review generation tool makes it easy for your existing customers to leave their online reviews, while negative experiences can be redirected to your management team for a quick resolution- possibly keeping that customer’s business. Some of our application’s features:
  • It integrates seamlessly into text messaging, digital loyalty, and mobile coupons
  • Sends automated and targeted requests for customer reviews
  • Helps redirect negative reviews to management for prompt resolution
  • Is proven to build online reviews that have major impact on local search results
iVision Mobile’s powerful mobile messaging technology helps take your business’ review generation efforts to new heights!  Our comprehensive system lets you easily tie in powerful review requests directly into your existing mobile messaging initiatives. When you’d like to know more and are ready to level up your local business through easy to use technology, like we have to offer- reach out today. Take a look at our one-sheet reputation management explainer PDF. iVision Mobile is standing by, ready to answer your questions and get you started. Cite: Trustpilot.com, GWI.com (Global Web Index),Fundera.com

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