SMS Marketing for Car Dealerships: Complete Guide with Examples & Templates

Car dealerships face increasing challenges in today’s competitive market. From reaching their sales quota to building strong relationships with potential buyers, every aspect requires strategic planning and execution. One such strategy that’s been making waves in the industry is the use of text message marketing. iVision Mobile, as a leading provider of text message marketing software, offers an excellent solution tailored for car dealerships. This article will walk you through the essentials of text message marketing for car dealerships with iVision Mobile, offering examples and templates to get you started.

The Power of Text Message Marketing for Car Dealerships

In the era of digital communication, text messaging has emerged as a powerful tool for businesses, including car dealerships. It’s personal, immediate, and boasts a high open rate. According to statistics, a text message has a 98% open rate compared to an email’s 20%. Furthermore, the response rate for text messages is 45%, nearly eight times higher than email.

Given these impressive numbers, it’s clear why more and more car dealerships are turning to text message marketing to reach their customers.

Why Use Text Message Marketing?

The effectiveness of text message marketing isn’t just about high open and response rates. It’s about the ability to connect with customers on a personal level. Here are some reasons why car dealerships should consider text message marketing:

Building Strong Relationships

Text messages offer a personal touch that’s hard to beat. They allow dealerships to build strong relationships with potential buyers, fostering trust and loyalty.

Facilitating Quick Communication

With text messages, dealerships can communicate with their customers quickly and effectively. Whether it’s sending promotional offers or scheduling test drives, text messages get the job done fast.

Boosting Sales

Text message marketing helps dealerships boost their sales by nurturing leads and guiding them through the buying process. It allows for personal interaction, which can significantly influence a customer’s buying decision.

Saving Time and Money

Compared to traditional marketing methods like direct mail or radio ads, text message marketing is cost-effective. It allows dealerships to reach a large number of customers at a fraction of the cost.

Benefits of Text Message Marketing for Car Dealerships

Text message marketing offers numerous benefits for car dealerships. Let’s look at some of them:

Lead Generation

Text messages can help dealerships convert showroom visits into potential leads. By offering incentives like coupons or exclusive information, dealerships can encourage visitors to opt-in and become leads. Additionally, directing customers to mobile-friendly webpages for capturing contact information can further enhance lead generation efforts and streamline the process.

Sales Increase

Text messages can help car dealers guide their potential buyers through the decision-making process. By providing timely and relevant information, dealerships can nudge their customers in the right direction, resulting in increased sales.

Customer Relationship Management

Text message marketing doesn’t stop at sales. Post-sale, it can be used to strengthen relationships with customers by providing maintenance reminders, safety tips, and other relevant information.

Cost Reduction

Text message marketing can significantly reduce marketing and customer acquisition costs. Given its high effectiveness, it’s a worthwhile investment for any dealership.

How Much Does Text Message Marketing Cost?

The cost of text message marketing depends on various factors, including the chosen provider and the country. However, it’s generally quite affordable. For instance, iVision Mobile, a popular text message marketing software platform for car dealerships, offers competitive prices for bulk messaging.

Choosing the Right Platform for Text Message Marketing

There are many platforms available for text message marketing, but iVision Mobile stands out for its affordability and user-friendly features. With iVision Mobile, you pay only for what you need, and there’s no need for software installation. It provides a web interface, allows multiple users, lets you schedule SMS campaigns, and offers a user-friendly panel with real-time analytics.

Integrating QR Codes with Text Message Marketing

Another cutting-edge feature that can amplify the results of your text message marketing is the integration of QR codes. With iVision Mobile’s innovative platform, car dealerships can easily generate unique QR codes for different campaigns or events. When potential customers scan these codes using their smartphones, they could be redirected to a mobile landing page, a vehicle information page, or even instantly opt-in to your SMS marketing list.

This not only provides a seamless experience for customers but also captures their information for future marketing. QR codes can be placed in strategic locations, such as vehicle windows, marketing brochures, or even billboards, enhancing the reach and effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.

By combining the immediacy of SMS with the interactive potential of QR codes, car dealerships can create more engaging marketing campaigns and generate more qualified leads, fostering both customer acquisition and retention.

Crafting Effective Text Message Marketing Campaigns

To create a successful text message marketing campaign for your dealership, follow these steps:

  • Select a Platform: Choose a reliable platform like iVision Mobile that suits your business needs.
  • Audience Segmentation: Import a list of segmented leads/prospects/customers. Make sure each campaign caters to a specific audience segment.
  • Personalization: Use merge tags to personalize your messages.
  • Clear and Concise Messaging: Say what you need concisely. Remember, you have a 160-character limit.
  • Compelling Call-to-Action: Prompt your recipients to take immediate action with a compelling call-to-action.
  • Opt-out Option: Always provide an easy opt-out option for your recipients.

Text Message Marketing Examples and Templates for Car Dealerships

To help you get started, here are some text message marketing examples and templates specific to car dealerships:

  • Opt-in Confirmation: “Hello [Name], thank you for subscribing to our mobile newsletter. What cars are you interested in?”
  • Information Request: “Hi [Name]! [Name] from [Dealership] here. Thanks for your interest in our [Car Model]. Would you like to schedule a test drive?”
  • Promotional Deal: “Hey [Name], are you still looking to buy a [Car Brand]? Get [$ or %] off by showing this message to your car dealer. [Dealership]”
  • Appointment Reminder: “[Name], just a reminder that your appointment is on [Date] at [Time]. Reply YES to confirm or call us on [Phone Number] to reschedule. [Dealership]”
  • Maintenance Reminder: “Hi [Name]! Just a friendly reminder that you’re due for an oil change. Hope you’re enjoying your new [Car Model]! Let us know if you need anything. [Dealership]”

From: 55678

Hi [Name]! [Name] from [Dealership] here. Thanks for your interest in our [Car Model]. Would you like to schedule a test drive?

Reply STOP to cancel, msg & data rates may apply

From: 55678

Hi [Name]! Just a friendly reminder that you’re due for an oil change. Hope you’re enjoying your new [Car Model]! Let us know if you need anything. [Dealership]

Reply STOP to cancel, msg & data rates may apply

Leveraging SMS Marketing Software: iVision Mobile

For a successful real estate SMS marketing strategy, the right tools are indispensable. iVision Mobile offers an all-encompassing text message marketing solution tailored to the needs of real estate professionals. With functionalities such as mass texting, business texting, personalized messaging, and thorough reporting, iVision Mobile empowers real estate professionals to fully exploit the potential of their SMS marketing campaigns.

Wrapping Up

Text message marketing provides an effective way for car dealerships to connect with their customers, nurture leads, and boost sales. By leveraging this powerful marketing tool, dealerships can stand out from the competition and take their business to new heights.

1. Why should car dealerships consider SMS marketing?

SMS marketing offers car dealerships a direct and personal channel to reach potential buyers, send service reminders, and promote special offers. With high open rates, SMS ensures timely communication and stronger customer engagement.

2. How can I collect mobile numbers for my dealership’s SMS marketing?

You can gather numbers through online form submissions, at the point of sale, during service visits, or by hosting exclusive SMS opt-in promotions. Always ensure you have the customer’s explicit consent to send marketing messages.

3. What types of messages are effective for car dealership SMS marketing?

New car model announcements, service reminders, special financing offers, promotions, event invitations, and customer feedback requests are all effective message types for dealerships.

4. Is SMS marketing compliant with regulations?

Yes, but it’s essential to follow specific guidelines like obtaining explicit consent before sending promotional messages and providing an easy opt-out option in every message. It’s advisable to be familiar with regulations such as the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA).

5. How can I personalize SMS marketing for better results?

By integrating CRM data, dealerships can tailor messages based on purchase history, service records, or expressed interests, enhancing relevance and response rates.

6. What are the cost implications of SMS marketing for car dealerships?

While costs vary based on service providers and volume, SMS marketing generally offers a high ROI due to its effectiveness in reaching and engaging customers directly.

7. Are there ready-to-use templates for car dealership SMS campaigns?

Yes, many SMS marketing platforms offer templates tailored for car dealerships, whether it’s for promotional events, new launches, or service reminders.

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