If your business offers services like Website Design, Local SEO, Reputation Management, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Customer Acquisition or retention services to businesses in industries such as Retail, Dining & Hospitality, Personal Care, Health Care, Automotive, etc., then you will find using iVision Mobile’s White Label Text Messaging Platform will become invaluable for you and your clients’ businesses.

rebranded white label mobile marketing software

Have you ever considered starting your own business? Maybe you are looking to transition out of full-time employment. Or, perhaps you are already in business and exploring new revenue stream opportunities. Now is the time to pursue your passion, make your own schedule, and be your own boss!

Why Choose iVision Mobile's White Label Mobile Platform?

As a company with over 18 years of experience providing white label mobile marketing software, with SMS marketing, text messaging automation and kiosk capabilities, we’ve seen time and time again how agencies and business marketing experts like yourself have used our platform to generate 10X – 25X ROI for their clients’ businesses by utilizing our cutting-edge mobile marketing tools in the most effective ways possible. 

As a white label SMS marketing reseller partner, you’ll be able to create and grow a recurring revenue stream for years to come.

For example, you’ll be able to:

  • Create your own SMS Marketing plans
  • Put your own price on each plan
  • Determine your Renewal Periods (weekly, monthly or annually.)
  • Determine the rate for each SMS or MMS sent
  • Create custom Campaigns for your Clients
  • Build Mobile Landing Pages for your Clients
  • Build Mobile Marketing Forms, Surveys and Polls for your Clients.
  • Strategize and Consult with your Clients on effective Mobile Marketing Strategies.
  • Create repeatable and proprietary value for Clients with a White Label Marketing Software
  • And much more!

As a result of working with us as a partner, you’ll get the very best hands-on customer support for your business and a variety of step-by-step video and written tutorials that will make your experience with using our software a walk in the park. 

We also offer exclusive and hands-on training to white label mobile marketing resellers, where we teach in-depth, never-before-seen strategies that will help expand your mobile marketing business and grow your clients businesses in a powerful way.

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Drive engagement, resonate with your audience, and build confidence in every message.

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Real Feedback From Other White Label Resellers

iVision Mobile is a fantastic software company. They have built a tool that is 2nd to none.

Andre C.
Marketing Agency Owner

Amazing platform with tons of features.

Levi M.
Marketing Agency Owner

We made the switch to iVision Mobile because of its increased functionality for a much lower cost. That's a great combo!

Rick L.
Marketing Agency Owner

Our Software Features will put you at the forefront

For example, you may need a mobile marketing solution that will get customers coming back to do more business with you. Similarly, you may want to reach out to prospective customers to work with you because you know you can help them solve their business problems. We have comprehensive platform features that will help you achieve your goals without issues.

Powerful Technology

iVision Mobile offers one of the most robust messaging systems in the industry! Developed by our in-house software engineers, our communications platform is packed with features and will give you a competitive edge over other providers.

Unparalleled Support

You'll be hard-pressed to find a mobile marketing technology partner that provides the hands-on support that iVision Mobile does. Our staff is located across both coasts to support you. Try us out! Call our Toll-Free # between the business hours of 9am to 8pm ET and see if we pick up the phone.

Competitive Pricing

With NO upfront investment or setup fees, our SMS White Label Reseller pricing is designed to keep your costs low as you grow your business. In short, we don't succeed if you don't succeed and it is this business philosophy that remains our guiding light each and every day.

Becoming One Of Our White Label Reseller Partners

send your first text message in minutes

No matter what you need, we have it here at iVision Mobile. Work with a company that has a robust SMS or mobile marketing platform with a number of different, proprietary and effective channels.

There are no upfront setup fees and we offer highly competitive pricing for you. We win, you win, everyone wins!

Make use of the ease and confidence in what you’re bringing to market, by translating it into a healthy, effective and fast growing business for you – as you help others do the same, by using the best tools available.


Mobile marketing step 1

Download and go through our recurring revenue guide for our Reseller Partners.

Mobile marketing step 2

Schedule a Demo to see how easy it is to get started with us and make good money.

Mobile marketing step 3

Accept our offer and we’ll set up your account and get you started within 48 hours.

White Label Reseller Program FAQs

What's the difference between the White Label Reseller license and the Affiliate Reseller program?

The White Label Reseller License allows you to start and grow a business with our technology, where you have full control over the pricing and service offering for your clients.


The Affiliate Referral Program requires less work on your part and allows you to earn money on business you refer to iVision Mobile.

Who qualifies for the white label Reseller License?

Anyone can qualify for the White Label Reseller License. We do want serious entrepreneurs that know what it takes to start and grow a business. You should plan on having a minimum of one year’s worth of operating capital to start this venture.

How do I become an iVision Mobile White Label Reseller?

Contact us to get started and we’ll send you the required reseller setup paperwork. After you’ve registered a domain and configured your DNS, we handle the rest of the setup for you. You can be setup and ready to go in under 24 hours.

Why should I work with iVision Mobile?

iVision Mobile provides the most comprehensive mobile messaging technology and loyalty rewards system in the marketplace. Our platform gives you unlimited capabilities across a wide variety of industries and verticals. Our digital kiosk technology helps you differentiate your solution from other mobile marketing platforms out there. Plus, our support is second to none and we’ll make sure you’re in great hands as you learn to navigate the system.

Offering your clients a white label software platform helps your retention and client revenue. iVision Mobile text message marketing and digital loyalty solutions can complement social media, paid media and organic marketing campaigns.

How much does the White Label program cost?

There is no setup fee to become a White Label Mobile Marketing reseller with iVision Mobile. iVision Mobile charges a monthly license fee, ranging from $190 – $515 per month, depending on the number of system users. Messaging rates are billed in arrears and start at $.02 per SMS/MMS. 

Get in touch with us for the complete reseller pricing schedule.