iVision Mobile Launches Inbound MMS, Adds Value to Its Mobile Marketing Software

Los Angeles, CA (Jan 26, 2012) – iVision Mobile, a leading mobile marketing and sms white label provider, announced today the addition of Inbound MMS (multimedia messaging service) capabilities within its platform. The new feature enables audiences to send rich media – pictures, video, text pages, and audio files – to a short code associated with a call-to-action, or clients’ real-time campaigns, which can generate a significant return on investment and build a valuable opt-in database. “We are very excited about delivering this new technology to our customers because it’s an additional vehicle to measure impressions from offline, print, outdoor / mass transit marketing and advertising initiatives,” says iVision Mobile CEO Omer Samiri. “There are many unique ways in which Inbound MMS may be implemented to achieve business objectives, making it a valuable new component of our platform.” 

Customers may leverage this new capability of collecting user-generated content via Inbound MMS in a variety of ways, such as pics-to-screen, which can auto-route multimedia messages to appear on a digital billboard at an event. Audiences may also enter contests with user-generated multimedia content, such as a picture of a print ad. 

When audiences send MMS messages (in lieu of SMS) to a short code from their respective mobile devices, they come into the iVision Mobile mms gateway and can then be forwarded to an email address, an HTTP/FTP server, and/or a media library. The media library can be made public, in various formats as designed by clients’ creative teams, thereby creating an instant MMS web-gallery. Examples of this include publishers such as the popular TMZ.com, an aggregator of celebrity photos, to facilitate easy and real-time, instant collection of photos and video; Police or news media may also receive instant and anonymous news tips by photo or video. 

About iVision Mobile
iVision Mobile provides mobile marketing and communications software that supports a complete range of innovative marketing initiatives, and empowers brands and agencies to genuinely engage consumers across a diverse range of industries – from small businesses such as doctors, dentists and restaurants, to Fortune 500 companies. Specific clients include NBA teams such as the Houston Rockets, Indiana Pacers, and the Miami Heat, outdoor shopping and entertainment developments such as The Grove in Los Angeles, and national and global brands such as Philips, Comcast, Absolut Vodka and Coca-Cola. For more information, please visit www.iVisionMobile.com.

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