iVision Mobile Integrates Billing Feature to Enhance Private Label Reseller License

Los Angeles, CA (Feb 28, 2012) – iVision Mobile, a leading mobile marketing software platform, announced the launch of its new Integrated Billing feature as a part of its Private Label Reseller License. Integrated Billing will enable resellers’ clients to instantly purchase, upgrade or renew product/service packages within the resellers’ branded mobile marketing software in real-time. 

iVision Mobile’s new billing feature makes the mobile marketing software a more robust and scalable solution by eliminating the need for manual payment transactions. The result is a customizable, hands-off billing process that saves resellers’ time and staff resources from manually coordinating their clients’ new product purchases, upgrades to service packages, and renewing their accounts instantly, in real-time, and on a monthly basis. 

“Our team has focused several months on developing this feature because the ability to launch services quickly is incredibly important to us and our customers,” says iVision Mobile CEO Omer Samiri. “We can now better serve our private label resellers by enhancing their ability to seamlessly and instantly add to or make changes to clients’ existing mobile marketing service packages, which we expect will result in increased profitability for them.” 

Similar to a built-in online shopping cart, the Private Label Reseller License will now enable resellers to easily set up their own graduated pricing packages, which will be readily available within their respective portals for purchase, upgrade or renewal by their clients at anytime. Previously, the system was not enabled with credit card processing, so resellers manually charged their clients for upgrades, to apply “credits” into the respective end users’ accounts. The new integrated system will eliminate the need for this, by linking the resellers’ Authorize.net accounts directly to each of their clients’ white-labeled mobile marketing accounts. 

Another notable enhancement to the iVision Mobile platform is the integration of QR codes (quick-response), which are auto-generated simultaneously to correspond with and complement each campaign keyword or mobile website link. QR codes engage customers by offering an interactive call to action on print ads, direct marketing, mass transit, and outdoor advertising. These QR codes offer businesses the ability to track audience response metrics to specific campaigns, and engage in a two-way communication, which is facilitated by iVision Mobile’s robust mobile marketing and communications platform. 

Clients may now manage everything through the iVision Mobile system, making it a more complete solution – text message campaign planning, lead management, and now, the ability to auto-generate campaign-specific QR codes and a streamlined purchase process that enables resellers’ clients to instantly select a new package that meets their needs, and pay for it in real-time. 

About iVision Mobile
iVision Mobile is a leading provider of mobile marketing and communications software that supports a complete range of innovative marketing initiatives, empowering brands and agencies to engage consumers across a diverse range of industries – from small businesses such as doctors, dentists and restaurants, to Fortune 500 companies. Specific clients include NBA teams such as the Houston Rockets, Indiana Pacers, and the Miami Heat, outdoor shopping and entertainment developments such as The Grove in Los Angeles, and national and global brands such as Philips, Comcast, Absolut Vodka and Coca-Cola. For more information, please visit www.iVisionMobile.com 

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