Local Businesses Embrace "Touchless" Business Texting During Pandemic

February 25, 2021 – Frisco, Texas – The pandemic has served as the great accelerator in the evolution of brick and mortar. Digital menus accessible through QR codes and contactless payments are some of the tools businesses have implemented to address customers’ needs. Now, Frisco, TX establishments like Rare Books Bar, and J. Theodore Restaurant, are implementing “touchless” business texting to navigate the evolving customer experience, resulting in a stronger relationship with their customers. 

“Our digital waitlist and loyalty rewards system are a big hit with customers!” explains Sheree Simms, managing partner of J. Theodore Restaurant and neighboring Rare Books Bar. “Guests receive a personalized welcome text when they first check-in. Groups can physically distance while they wait for their table to be ready. If there’s an extended wait for the bar, we send guests a mobile coupon to J. Theodore Restaurant next door. It’s a win-win!” she adds. J. Theodore Restaurant is experiencing a 30% redemption rate on mobile coupons sent to guests waiting for entry to the Rare Books Bar. 

Fortunately for Sheree Simms, business texting software is not far from reach. Sheree’s husband and business partner, Derek Simms, is the CTO of iVision Mobile, a mobile communications software company providing text messaging solutions to thousands of businesses just like theirs, across North America, for 15 years. “It’s great to see first-hand the effectiveness of this system with our restaurant and bar customers,” he says. Simms is referring to a combination of tools including a digital loyalty rewards program and waitlist system that is administered by his host team as guests arrive. “Our team is able to manage our customers’ experience from the moment they arrive and update their profiles to reflect their drinking and dining preferences. This helps us anticipate their needs when they return and creates a more personalized experience based on individual preferences.” explains Mr. Simms. 

Brick and mortar businesses that are actively engaged in text messaging communications with their customers, have relied more on this communication channel as the pandemic has affected their operating procedures. “Sending time sensitive messages to customers and communicating with them, both on and off-site, has become a critical lifeline to our business and many others around the country,” explains Mr. Simms. “We’re at the forefront of this technological shift for businesses and anticipate continued demand for our text messaging software as more business owners realize the critical nature of mobile communications.” he concludes. 

About iVision Mobile
iVision Mobile is a 15-year veteran provider of business texting, mobile marketing and communications software that empowers a range of industries and clients from local brick and mortar businesses to global brands. iVision Mobile’s technology has been leveraged by NBA teams such as the Houston Rockets, Milwaukee Bucks, Indiana Pacers, and the Miami Heat, along with retail centers such as The Grove in Los Angeles, and global brands such as KFC, Coca-Cola and Clorox. For more information on iVision Mobile’s technology, please visit www.iVisionMobile.com.

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