iVision Mobile's New Couponing And Redemption System With Built In Viral Sharing And Referral Rewards Is A Big Hit For Merchants Across North America

Los Angeles, CA – October 15th, 2014 – iVision Mobile announced today that its users are now delivering over 3,000 unique digital coupon offers to their customers using the new mobile coupon and redemption system. The mobile couponing system lets users create digital coupons which can be delivered to mobile handsets via unique URLs in a text message. The iVision Mobile software seamlessly tracks coupons that are issued, redeemed, and shared. Over 12% of iVision Mobile’s 5,800+ users have embraced the technology to deliver visually appealing digital coupons, which can then be redeemed directly on the phone or through an onsite digital loyalty kiosk. The new feature, which was initially launched in March of 2014, has now been enhanced with a referral rewards engine that promises to expand on already great results. 

Users can fully customize the look, feel, and functionality of the digital coupon they are delivering. Consumers can then click on the link sent via text message to access the digital coupon where they can view their offer, read a brief description, search locations, redeem it on their device, and share it with friends to earn referral rewards. The digital coupon is GPS-enabled for finding the nearest store locations and can display a barcode when redeemed. 

“Coupons are evolving at a rapid pace and we are very excited to be at the forefront of this new technology,” explains Omer Samiri, CEO of iVision Mobile. “We are seeing a paradigm shift in how coupons are delivered, managed, and redeemed, and the catalyst is the mobile phone,” he continues. iVision Mobile is focusing on digital loyalty as the new frontier in mobile marketing and communications. 

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