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If you’re evaluating digital loyalty solutions and Toast is on your list, you’ll want to know what makes iVision Mobile unique. Our platform not only offers advanced digital loyalty features but also provides a full-suite SMS Marketing Solution and Automated Voice solutions.

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Why iVision Mobile is the Go-To Choice for Digital Loyalty

iVision Mobile stands out for its comprehensive approach to customer engagement, offering a full-suite SMS marketing solution alongside unique Automated Voice features. The platform excels in providing advanced digital loyalty options, ranging from visit-based to spend-based programs, and further enhances the customer experience with exclusive features like a Digital Kiosk. This combination of customer-centricity and customization makes iVision Mobile the go-to choice for businesses seeking an integrated and efficient digital loyalty solution.

Features Toast iVision Mobile
Spend-Based Rewards Program
Visit-Based Rewards Program
Send SMS Messages
Send MMS Messages
Custom Web Forms
Digital Loyalty Kiosk
Hands On Training + Zoom Support
Automated Phone Manager

Why iVision Mobile is the Best Alternative to Toast

Here are some of the reasons Toast customers switch to iVision Mobile.

Unique Digital Loyalty Features

iVision Mobile provides comprehensive digital loyalty features such as spend-based loyalty programs and surpasses Toast with additional offerings like Digital Coupons, Digital Waitlist and Curbside Pick-Up, as well as Visit-Based Loyalty Programs.

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Hands-On Training + Zoom Support

iVision Mobile is obsessed with customer success offering hands-on training and Zoom support to ensure a smooth user experience.

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Integrated SMS Marketing Solutions

iVision Mobile sets itself apart with a full-suite SMS Marketing Solution that goes beyond basic customer interactions. Unlike Toast, iVision Mobile offers advanced features such as MMS, QR Codes, Custom Web Forms for data collection, and integrated Automations & Workflows to elevate your customer engagement capabilities.

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Digital Kiosk

iVision Mobile’s Digital Kiosk revolutionizes the way you interact with your customers. This cutting-edge feature allows for seamless sign-ups, loyalty program enrollments, and even curbside pick-ups, all from a user-friendly interface. 

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Advanced Automated Voice Features

Unique to iVision Mobile, our automated voice features like Integrated Call → Keypress → Text, DIY Keypress Configuration, and Call Answering & Deflection Technology offer business owners a streamlined way to manage customer interactions. These capabilities allow for more efficient call routing, reduced wait times, and enhanced customer satisfaction, setting us apart from competitors like Toast.

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Who's Innovating with iVision Mobile?

Brick and mortar businesses of all sizes and types, as well as some of the nation’s leading brands, all trust iVision Mobile to deliver their messages.


The majority of system users  belong to one of 150+ marketing / digital agencies, entrepreneurs, and mobile marketers that white label our software and offer it to their direct customers.


Our core user base is made up of the thousands of brick and mortar businesses, like retail, across the country that use our software to send marketing and non-marketing communications to their opted-in contacts.


We work with large and small CPG products and brands and their distribution partners that want to leverage SMS communications as part of their overall marketing and communications strategy.

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If you do not have access to development resources or want to devote the time to integrate, our in-house software development team can assist. We offer different types of integrations, all of which range in price depending on the level of complexity and features desired.