Top 11 Restaurant Loyalty Program Examples

Boosting Customer Retention: Insights into Top Restaurant Loyalty Programs

In the bustling culinary realm, where restaurants compete not just with flavors but also with customer engagement, standing out is more challenging than ever. Delicious dishes and top-notch service are crucial, but a strategic edge lies in the implementation of forward-thinking loyalty programs. Modern loyalty initiatives have transitioned from mere point collection to immersive experiences that surprise and satisfy customers. As businesses seek innovative solutions, iVision Mobile emerges as a beacon with its state-of-the-art SMS marketing and our groundbreaking Loyalty Rewards Digital Kiosk. Restaurants use mobile text marketing for promotional campaigns and in-restaurant loyalty kiosks to turn visitors into repeat customers.

Let’s embark on a culinary journey through 15 restaurants that have aced their loyalty game, some leveraging powerful tools like those offered by iVision Mobile.

Starbucks – Starbucks Rewards

Program Overview: The Starbucks Rewards program seamlessly integrates a digital loyalty system that’s tailored for the modern coffee consumer. With emphasis on mobile ordering, exclusive item previews, and personalized rewards, this program embodies the brand’s commitment to both convenience and customer appreciation.

Points System:
For every dollar spent using a registered Starbucks card or through the app, members are rewarded with 2 stars. Accumulating 150 stars unlocks the opportunity to redeem them for a complimentary drink or food item.

How to Join:
It’s a breeze to become a Starbucks Rewards member. Simply sign up through the Starbucks website or by downloading their app. Initial registration requires a minimum account preloading, after which members can start their star-collecting journey.

Starbucks’ innovative approach to loyalty has garnered impressive figures. As highlighted in a Forbes article, the program boasts a whopping 16 million active members, with a significant percentage of the company’s US transactions coming from these dedicated patrons.

Chick-fil-A – Chick-fil-A One

Program Overview:
Chick-fil-A, a brand renowned for its impeccable service and savory chicken dishes, extends its customer-first philosophy with the Chick-fil-A One loyalty program. This tiered system not only rewards frequent diners with points but also treats them to unexpected surprises, enhancing the overall dining experience.

Points System:
Every purchase accrues points, with the exact amount depending on the member’s tier: Member, Silver, or Red. This tiered structure encourages consistent dining, with higher tiers offering more points per dollar spent.

How to Join:
Kickstarting the Chick-fil-A One journey is as simple as downloading the app and registering. From that moment, every purchase starts to count towards delightful rewards.

The brand’s digital approach to loyalty has seen tremendous uptake. A study from QSR Magazine highlighted that the app has been downloaded more than 10 million times since its launch, marking its undeniable appeal.

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Taco Bell – Taco Bell Rewards

Program Overview: Taco Bell, the iconic Mexican-inspired fast-food chain, further spices up its offerings with the Taco Bell Rewards program. Reflecting the brand’s commitment to its fans, this program ensures every dollar spent is a step towards scrumptious rewards, beginning with a welcome gift just for joining.

Points System: For every dollar spent at Taco Bell, members earn 10 points. Accumulating points leads to various reward tiers, allowing members to redeem them for mouth-watering menu items.

How to Join: Diners can dive into the Taco Bell Rewards by downloading the Taco Bell app and registering for the program. Upon sign-up, members are instantly treated to a free item, setting the rewarding tone of the program.

Press/Stats: While exact figures may vary, Taco Bell’s initiative to gamify its loyalty program, with point multipliers and tier-based rewards, has been praised by marketers for enhancing customer engagement and repeat visits.

Chipotle Mexican Grill – Chipotle Rewards

Program Overview:
Chipotle Rewards marries the brand’s commitment to fresh, quality ingredients with a straightforward and enticing loyalty structure. Regular bonus days and milestone rewards ensure that members are consistently engaged and excited about their next meal.

Points System:
Members are treated to 10 points for every dollar they spend. Once they hit the 1,250 point threshold, a free entrée awaits.

How to Join:
Joining the rewards fiesta is a cinch. Prospective members can sign up via the Chipotle website or through their dedicated app, making every bite count towards future rewards.

The program’s success is palpable. As noted in a 2019 press release, within a mere seven months of Chipotle Rewards being launched, it proudly paraded over 7 million members, signaling its resonating success with the brand’s fanbase.

Panera Bread – MyPanera

Program Overview: Panera Bread’s MyPanera program seamlessly blends personalized rewards with a superior dining experience. Recognizing the diverse preferences of its clientele, the program tailors rewards ranging from complimentary items to exclusive previews of new products, ensuring every member feels valued.

Points System: MyPanera doesn’t strictly follow a points system. Instead, each purchase and visit can unlock different rewards. The unpredictability adds an element of surprise, making every trip to Panera potentially rewarding.

How to Join: Embarking on the MyPanera journey is straightforward: sign up online or through their app. Once registered, members instantly become eligible for personalized rewards on subsequent visits.

Press/Stats: Panera’s focus on custom-tailored rewards has garnered significant attention. According to Restaurant Business, MyPanera boasts over 38 million members, testifying to its widespread appeal and efficacy in fostering customer loyalty.

Dunkin’ – DD Perks

Program Overview: Dunkin’, the beloved coffee and donut chain, ensures that every sip and bite brings its loyal customers one step closer to delightful rewards. The DD Perks program appreciates its members by converting every purchase into points, leading to perks such as complimentary beverages.

Points System: Members of the DD Perks program earn 5 points for every dollar they spend. Accumulating 200 points translates to a free beverage, allowing members to quickly reap the benefits of their loyalty.

How to Join: Joining the DD Perks realm is a breeze. Customers simply need to download the Dunkin’ app and sign up. Once registered, they can immediately begin accruing points with each purchase.

Press/Stats: Dunkin’s loyalty initiative has been a resonating success. As reported by Loyalty360, DD Perks saw a membership surge of 38% in just one year, indicating its resonating appeal among the brand’s fanbase.

Domino’s Pizza – Piece of the Pie Rewards

Program Overview: Domino’s, a name synonymous with delectable pizzas, invites its patrons to be a part of its rewards journey aptly named Piece of the Pie Rewards. True to its moniker, the program rewards consistent diners with a slice of the pie – be it in the form of pizzas or even, in some instances, company stock!

Points System: For every order worth $10 or more, members earn 10 points. Collecting 60 points entitles them to a free medium 2-topping pizza. The clear and achievable goal makes the rewards tangible and within reach.

How to Join: Pizza enthusiasts can start their Piece of the Pie journey by registering online or via the Domino’s app. Once enrolled, every order inches them closer to a delightful reward.

Press/Stats: Domino’s unique approach to loyalty, including offering stock, caught significant media attention. According to AdAge, this innovative move not only bolstered loyalty sign-ups but also boosted the brand’s stock by 12% within a month of the campaign’s launch.

Baskin-Robbins – Baskin-Robbins Mobile App

Program Overview: For Baskin-Robbins, the world’s largest chain of ice cream specialty shops, ensuring customers get the sweetest deal is paramount. The Baskin-Robbins Mobile App is more than just a digital interface; it’s a gateway to delightful deals, exclusive offers, and yes, free scoops of their famous ice cream.

Points System: While not strictly points-based, the app frequently features special deals and offers. The real treat, however, is the free scoop members get upon signing up.

How to Join: To indulge in a world of icy delights, ice cream enthusiasts need to download the Baskin-Robbins app and register. A free scoop awaits as a sign-up bonus, making the deal even sweeter.

Press/Stats: Though specific statistics for the app’s success are proprietary, Baskin-Robbins’ digital engagement strategy, including personalized offers and birthday deals, continues to draw fans and drive app downloads.

Texas Roadhouse – VIP Club

Program Overview: Texas Roadhouse, famed for its hand-cut steaks and lively atmosphere, rolls out the red carpet for its patrons with the VIP Club. Beyond the sizzle of the steak, members are treated to exclusive offers and delightful birthday surprises.

Points System: While Texas Roadhouse doesn’t operate on a traditional points system, the VIP Club ensures consistent perks and offers that keep members coming back for more.

How to Join: Diners can sign up for the VIP Club by visiting the Texas Roadhouse website or inquiring during a restaurant visit. Once a VIP, members receive periodic exclusive offers and delightful birthday surprises.

Press/Stats: The exact uptake of Texas Roadhouse’s VIP Club remains a closely-guarded secret, but anecdotal reviews online often praise the club for its birthday offers and exclusive deals that enhance the dining experience.

Olive Garden – Olive Garden eClub

Program Overview: Olive Garden, synonymous with hearty Italian cuisine, extends its warmth and hospitality through the Olive Garden eClub. Members are not only privy to exclusive offers but also receive a special treat to make birthdays a tad more memorable – a complimentary dessert.

Points System: The eClub doesn’t function on a points basis. Instead, members are sent exclusive offers and deals, ensuring every visit to Olive Garden has a hint of exclusivity.

How to Join: Italian cuisine aficionados can join the eClub by signing up on the Olive Garden website. And to add a cherry (or should we say, tiramisu) on top, members are gifted a free dessert on their birthdays.

Press/Stats: While precise membership and engagement figures are proprietary, the eClub’s personalized email campaigns have been cited by marketing analysts as effective tools in driving repeat visits and enhancing customer loyalty.

Red Lobster – My Red Lobster Rewards

Program Overview: For seafood lovers, Red Lobster is often the go-to destination. With My Red Lobster Rewards, the dining experience transcends the plate, turning into a journey of accumulating points and diving deep into special rewards.

Points System: Every visit and every dish adds to the member’s points tally. Specifically, members earn 1 point for every dollar spent. Upon collecting 125 points, they can redeem them for a delicious reward from the menu.

How to Join: To set sail on this rewarding voyage, diners need to download the Red Lobster app and register for the My Red Lobster Rewards program. Once aboard, every dining experience starts to count towards sumptuous rewards.

Press/Stats: Red Lobster’s loyalty initiative, as reported by various industry insiders, has not only bolstered diner frequency but also significantly increased the average spend per visit, showcasing the efficacy of the rewards program in enhancing customer loyalty.


Creating a successful loyalty program goes beyond merely doling out rewards; it’s about forging an enduring bond with patrons. The 15 restaurant loyalty programs highlighted here underscore the potential of well-thought-out initiatives. They inspire with innovation and showcase the importance of personalized engagement. For restaurant owners aspiring to elevate their brand, tools like iVision Mobile’s SMS marketing and their unique Loyalty Rewards Digital Kiosk present a golden opportunity to revolutionize customer engagement. As dining establishments vary from fast food to upscale eateries, the consistent element across successful ventures is the drive to connect, communicate, and reward, and with partners like iVision Mobile, the path to achieving this has never been clearer.

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