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Revolutionizing Customer Connections

In the fast-paced, competitive world of dining, creating memorable experiences is key. iVision Mobile’s cutting-edge Restaurant Loyalty Programs combine the latest in Loyalty Program Software, Digital Kiosks, and SMS Marketing to craft a unique journey for each customer, enhancing engagement and driving retention. According to Nation’s Restaurant News, loyalty programs are leveling the playing field for smaller restaurants.

From Punch Cards to Digital Rewards

Loyalty programs have evolved a lot since traditional punch cards to dynamic digital rewards. Experience instant gratification and personalized benefits that deepen customer connections. Learn more with our Top 15 Restaurant Loyalty Examples.

The Power of Digital Loyalty for Mobile

Dive into the convenience of Mobile Loyalty Programs. These digital platforms not only keep customers updated with the latest offers but also provide invaluable insights into their preferences, rewarding customers for visiting or purchasing at your restaurant. Check out Open Table’s guide to restaurant loyalty for another perspective on the impact of loyalty programs for restaurants and QSR.

Key Features of Loyalty Software

Select software that’s as intuitive as it is powerful. Key features include spend-based and visit-based reward structures, comprehensive customer behavior tracking, and in-depth analytics.

Integration and Data Collection Essentials

Our software seamlessly integrates with your existing systems, ensuring efficient data collection for tailored customer experiences.

Engage and Excite with SMS Marketing

Connect with your customers directly through SMS Marketing. Send personalized messages, mobile coupons, and instant updates to keep your restaurant top of mind. Looking for more inspiration. Check out our Restaurant SMS Marketing Guide for SMS templates, examples, and more.  

Understanding Your Customers

Elevate dining experiences with personalized recommendations and loyalty redemptions, all through our intelligent digital kiosks. Leverage customer data to craft bespoke dining experiences. Understand preferences, track habits, and use insights to refine your loyalty programs and offerings.

Enhance Your Restaurant with Loyalty Programs

Unlock the full potential of customer relationships and keep them coming back for more.

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Restaurant Case Study

Pizza Pie Cafe, a pizza franchise with 14 locations across 3 states generates 2300+% ROI with restaurant mobile marketing efforts. The company utilized a combination of tools to drive participation, including an onsite digital loyalty kiosk. Contacts were sent weekly text messages with mobile coupons that incorporate a “share” feature to drive a viral strategy.

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Incredible product, incredible support team!

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My experience with iVision has been A+. There is nothing I do not like about the software.

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iVision Mobile's platform keeps getting better!

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