33 Engaging Text Message Templates and Examples for Restaurants

In today’s competitive culinary scene, effective and timely communication with customers is essential for restaurants. Recognizing this, iVision Mobile offers 33 customized text message examples, samples, and templates, tailored to help restaurants improve engagement, promote offers, and build lasting relationships with patrons.

Restaurant Text Message Templates

The Role of Text Messaging in Restaurant Communications

Text messaging is a dynamic tool for restaurants, offering a direct and personal way to connect with customers. It’s perfect for sharing updates, promotions, and exclusive offers, making it an invaluable medium for timely and efficient customer communication.

Customer Engagement

Creating a welcoming atmosphere extends beyond the physical restaurant. With these restaurant text message examples, engage customers effectively. Personalize messages to create a memorable dining experience, encouraging repeat visits and building a connection with your patrons.

  • “Welcome [First Name] to [Restaurant Name]! Excited to have you dine with us.”
  • “Hi [First Name], thanks for visiting [Restaurant Name]. We’d love your feedback!”
  • “[First Name], join us again at [Restaurant Name] for a special dining experience.”

Promotions and Special Offers

Utilize restaurant promotional text messages to entice customers with special deals. Announce happy hours, special discounts, or limited-time offers to draw in crowds, using these templates as an effective marketing tool.

  • “Exclusive Offer: 20% off at [Restaurant Name] this weekend only!”
  • “Happy Hour Alert: 2-for-1 drinks at [Restaurant Name], 5-7 PM today!”
  • “New Menu Launch: Come taste our latest creations at [Restaurant Name]!”

Event Announcements

Events are a great way to add excitement. Use these restaurant text message samples to promote your events, such as live music nights or special dinners, ensuring your customers are always in the loop.

  • “Join us for Live Music Night at [Restaurant Name] on [Date]. Don’t miss out!”
  • “Special Event: Wine Tasting at [Restaurant Name] on [Date]. Reserve your spot!”
  • “Reminder: Chef’s Table Dinner at [Restaurant Name] is coming up. Book now!”

Loyalty Program Invitations

Encourage repeat business with restaurant loyalty programs. These restaurant text message templates make inviting customers to join your loyalty program effortless, providing them with exclusive offers and rewards that enhance customer retention. Looking to start a loyalty program? View our Top 15 Restaurant Loyalty Program Examples​ to get your inspiration flowing.

  • “Join [Restaurant Name]’s Loyalty Program and enjoy exclusive perks!”
  • “Thanks for dining with us, [First Name]. Earn rewards on your next visit.”
  • “Loyalty Member Exclusive: Free dessert on your next visit to [Restaurant Name].”

From: 55678

“Reminder: Your table at [Restaurant Name] is reserved for [Date].”

Reply STOP to cancel, msg & data rates may apply

Reservation Reminders

Efficiently manage your reservations with timely reminders. These templates serve as gentle prompts, ensuring customers remember their bookings and reducing no-shows.

  • “Reminder: Your table at [Restaurant Name] is reserved for [Date].”
  • “Looking forward to hosting you at [Restaurant Name] tomorrow, [First Name]!”
  • “Your reservation at [Restaurant Name] is confirmed for [Date]. See you!”

Feedback and Surveys

Gathering customer feedback is invaluable. These restaurant text message examples are tailored to solicit customer opinions post-visit, allowing you to gather insights and improve your services continually.

  • “[First Name], tell us about your experience at [Restaurant Name].”
  • “We value your opinion, [First Name]. How was your meal with us?”
  • “Help [Restaurant Name] serve you better. Take our quick survey.”

Emergency Updates and Alerts

In unforeseen situations, clear communication is key. Use these restaurant text message templates to inform customers about any emergency updates or changes, maintaining transparency and trust.

  • “Alert: [Restaurant Name] is closed today due to weather. Stay safe.”
  • “Important: Temporary change in [Restaurant Name]’s hours. Check our website.”
  • “Emergency Notice: Please read our latest health and safety update.”

From: 55678

“Celebrate summer with our refreshing cocktails at [Restaurant Name]!”

Reply STOP to cancel, msg & data rates may apply

Seasonal Updates

Keep your customers excited about what’s new. Announce your seasonal specials or new menu items with these restaurant text message examples, enticing customers to experience your latest offerings.

  • “Spring Specials are here at [Restaurant Name]! Try our seasonal menu.”
  • “Celebrate summer with our refreshing cocktails at [Restaurant Name]!”
  • “Winter Warmers: Cozy up at [Restaurant Name] with our hearty dishes.”

Special Occasion Messages

Personalized greetings on special occasions can significantly enhance customer relationships. Use these restaurant text message samples to send birthday wishes, holiday greetings, and more, adding a personal touch to your customer interactions.

  • “Happy Birthday, [First Name]! Enjoy a free dessert on us at [Restaurant Name].”
  • “Celebrate Valentine’s Day at [Restaurant Name]. Special menu available!”
  • “Happy Holidays from [Restaurant Name]! Join us for a festive feast.”

New Menu Announcements

Introduce new menu items to your customers with excitement. Use these restaurant text message samples to highlight new dishes, inviting customers to come and taste what’s new at your restaurant.

  • “Taste our new dishes at [Restaurant Name]. Exciting flavors await!”
  • “Introducing our Vegan Options at [Restaurant Name]. Healthy and delicious!”
  • “New Chef’s Specials at [Restaurant Name]! Reserve your table now.”

Customer Appreciation Messages

Expressing gratitude goes a long way. These restaurant text message templates are perfect for showing your customers how much you value their patronage, fostering loyalty and a sense of community.

  • “Thank you for choosing [Restaurant Name], [First Name]. We appreciate your support.”
  • “As a valued customer, [First Name], your satisfaction is our top priority.”
  • “Grateful for your patronage at [Restaurant Name]. Looking forward to your next visit.”

iVision Mobile: SMS Marketing Platform for Restaurants

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